If you’re on Tik Tok, there’s a chance that you’ve already heard of a new artist, Andrew Jannakos. You may have been one of the 5 million views on the preview of his viral track, “Gone Too Soon,” which he released a few months later, landing him a #1 spot on the Billboard Emerging Artist Chart. Now, he’s releasing his EP with the same name, and this is everything you need to know about it. 

The first track, “Gone Too Soon,” is the one that you’re most likely to know. It’s rhythmically slower, with an R&B-inspired production. Singing about how the quality time spent with the one you love, is never truly enough time, the title track to his project helps to introduce his undeniable swagger and new blend of country music to the world.

“When The Whiskey Runs Out,” showcases the age old tale of an ex always showing up when you’re just about to leave a bar, “when the last call’s callin’.” Jannakos sings about how seeing her makes him want to drink more, and about that feeling of missing someone, but knowing that you’re better off separate from each other. 

Andrew Jannakos Gone Too Soon

The third track is a sweet and somber song about how quickly time passes over various stages of life. He sings that all of these life-changing events feel, as the song is titled,  “Like Yesterday.” This track highlights his impressive vocal range and belting ability. As a new husband and adopted father, Jannakos tenderly sings about the milestones you have in a relationship, making this one a standout on the collection.

“We’ve Always Loved” is the fourth track, and it feels like a country throwback that brings us right back to our youth. Again, his vocals on this song are first-rate.  The previously released track, “Wine Country” closes out the project which captures perfectly the intimate moments shared between a couple. Jannakos name drops classic country stars like Patsy Cline and Conway Twitty as he brings the past of the genre into his current project.

With country lyricism and story telling, this entire project fits perfectly in with the genre, however, Jannakos does quite a job of blurring the lines a bit and intergrating R&B and hip hop influnces. He has a writing credit on every song on this project, which shows that not only is he continuing to perfect his artistry, and his voice but that he’s a skilled songwriter as well.

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