The fact that multi-talented singer-songwriter Kylie Morgan started writing songs when she was only 12 years old is evident by the skill level of her songwriting. Morgan grew up in Newcastle, Oklahoma, and started releasing music independently in her early teenage years. At just 16, Morgan’s talent as a singer and songwriter started attracting national acclaim as she was named “Who New to Watch” by the Country Music Association. 

Morgan started calling Music City home when she was just 19. She has toured with and opened for big names and is releasing her anticipated debut EP today, June 11th. Produced by Shane McAnally and Ben Johnson—Love, Kylie was worth waiting for. 

The first song on this 6-track EP is “Shoulda,” a fast-paced, fun song with electric energy. The fierce edge to Morgan’s traditional vocal twang is center stage in this track as she sings about repeatedly doing things she knows she shouldn’t do. She knows she should make different decisions, but she keeps making the same mistakes instead. As she is caught in an endless merry-go-round of enjoyable bad habits, the listener feels like they are spinning along with her as the pace gains momentum.

“I knew better than to ever think that you could change. Shoulda’ woulda’ coulda’, I ain’t eva’ been that good at staying home when I know that I shoulda’.”

The second track, “I Only Date Cowboys,” is country-rock at its best, and Morgan’s delivery is fire. Her stunning vocal range dazzles on display in this high-energy song about her steadfast decision to only date cowboys. A wicked electric guitar solo complements her edgy inflection as she sings about the appeal of the “John Waynes, Jesse James,” and “Billy Rays” of the world.


Kylie Morgan

“I tried the clean-cut but I had to cut that off. I had the bad boy, but he wasn’t bad enough[…] but none of them could keep up with me, no none of them was my cup of tea. Now I only date cowboys.” 

The fifth song on Love, Kylie is lyrically masterful. “Cheating on You” captures the extent to which a partner can start to feel like a stranger when things start going wrong. Things feel so different between them that she feels like she’s with someone entirely different—like she’s cheating. It’s beautifully stirring and delivered with just the right intensity. 

Why does it feel like I’m cheating on you even though you’re lying next to me? Why does it feel like a hotel room and there’s a stranger in the bed with me? […] It’s like you turned into someone else.” 

The final song on the EP is a sensual love song titled “Mad I Need You.” Once again Morgan’s vocal range is impressive and so is her ability to craft lyrics that accurately paint the complexity of emotions. In this track, Morgan sings about feeling betrayed by her own feelings when they contradict the immense pride she takes in her independence. 

“I ain’t ridin’ shotgun, I can drive myself […] I’m good at being alone […] It makes me mad how bad I need you […] I don’t like sharing my feelings, you’re lucky I’m sharing them now […] It makes me mad how bad I need you…baby…”

“Mad I Need You,” is the perfect track to wrap up this insightful EP that pays homage to the appeal of life’s complications and messiness. Life is more exciting because it isn’t simple or straightforward. The theme pairs seamlessly with Morgan’s mind-boggling vocal scope that reinforces the beauty of life’s twists and turns. 

Love, Kylie Track Listing
1. Shoulda (Kylie Morgan, Shane McAnally, Ben Johnson)
2. I Only Date Cowboys (Kylie Morgan, Nate Kenyon, Jay Allen)
3. Outdoor Voices (Kylie Morgan, Emily Falvey, Benjamin Joel Johnson)
4. Break Things (Kylie Morgan, Aaron Eshuis, James McNair, Nicolette Hayford)
5. Cheating On You (Kylie Morgan, Benjamin Joel Johnson, Geoffrey Warburton)
6. Mad I Need You (Kylie Morgan, Nicholas Oliver Ruth, Emily Weisband) 

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