As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent artists in the country music scene whose songs are well-written, beautiful, and simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve all the love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song. 

1. “Stronger Than Me” by Renee Blair

Last week, up-and-coming country singer Renee Blair released her latest single “Stronger Than Me.” On social media she told her followers that this track is the “sister song” of “Gotta Quit Drinkin,’’’ her debut song. She sings about falling victim to the power of alcohol as she exclaims in the chorus, “The proof is in the glass, I take one sip and two steps back. As strong as I am, as strong as I’ve been, that ain’t what I’m bound to be ‘cause right now, right now this drink is stronger than me.”

2. “Not Supposed to Know Each Other” by Taylor Edwards

Taylor Edwards started writing songs when she was 15 and in her fresh track “Not Supposed To Know Each Other,” she sings honest lyrics about timing and relationships. In the chorus she states, “Maybe you’re with somebody, still got some growing up to do, maybe you’re at some party looking for me like I’m out here looking for you. Maybe we’ve got one heartbreak left, maybe we might, maybe we’re both better alone, maybe we’re not supposed to know each other yet.” The song is definitely an earworm with a catchy instrumental and playful guitar sounds. 

3. “Country In The Girl” Jenna Paulette

“Country In The Girl” is the first release from rising country artist Jenna Paulette since 2019. When she teased the chorus of the song on TikTok, it went viral with thousands and thousands of likes. The music video is also worth watching as Paulette dedicates it to “Country Girls Everywhere” and it features clips of her friends and videos that captures the essence of country living.

4. “Gravel” by Stephanie Ryann

“Gravel” is all about small town living and trying to leave where you’re from to chase big dreams. Country singer-songwriter Stephanie Ryann does a great job of storytelling in the verses as she says, “This’ll be my last time driving by the city limits signs and if I’m honest I don’t feel a thing. They all say I dream too big, but I’m not one for settling. My sights are set on something they can see.” 

5. “What I Don’t Know” by Emily Daniels

Nashville native Emily Daniels lets her charming, smooth vocals glisten on this new track about trying to move on after a hard breakup. In an Instagram caption she told fans, “I wrote this song for that moment immediately after a breakup. That moment where you need space, a good cry, & zero communication with your ex.” The lyrics are vulnerable as Daniels sings about finding strength in being alone.

6. “Why Did I Fall for You?” by Briana Dinsdale

17-year-old Briana Disdale is an Australian country singer who recently released her newest track, “What Did I Fall for You?” The song was written by herself and her father. It’s stripped down, backed with a beautiful acoustic guitar, and Disdale’s heavenly vocals and soothing vibrato are enough to captivate the attention of anyone listening. 

7. “You’re It” by Andrea Pearson

“You’re It” is upbeat, bubbly, and feels lightweight when listening to it. Singer-songwriter Andrea Pearson not only wrote this track, but also produced it herself. In a press release, Pearson talked about the inspiration for this song as she states, “I typically write alone these days and I draw a lot from my personal life. However, after having gone through a big breakup and the realization I couldn’t bear to write another sad song, I wanted to alter reality and imagine the type of love story that I wanted to have and one we all want really.”

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