As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, and simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve all the love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song. 

1. “Little Obsessed” by Valerie Ponzio

After competing on Season 12 of The Voice, country singer Valerie Ponzio has been releasing singles that capture her artistry that combines country sounds with a latin flare. The latest of those singles is “Little Obsessed.” The new track is laid back, acoustic, and sweet sounding. In the lyrics, written by Ponzio and Michael Minjarez, Ponzio captures the essence of a fresh relationship that she’s “a little obsessed” with as she sings, “And there’s a danger in this fixation when I would let you take my hand and run off, because I’d be fine getting lost with you.”

2. “Nothing Left” by Halle Kearns

After going viral on TikTok with hundreds of thousands of views, up-and-coming country singer Halle Kearns released her highly anticipated single, “Nothing Left.” On social media Kearns told fans, “This song is about a girl fearing she’s not enough for those around her, and believing she is loved solely based on how she serves others.” In the chorus Kearns exclaims, “So I’ll give, and I’ll give, and I’ll give, you can take what you need from me. I heard you wanted a forest, so I started planting the trees.” The main theme found is about feeling drained and unappreciated: a universal feeling that many can relate to.

3. “Country Girl Commandments” by Tanner Adell

Tanner Adell has gained a lot of fame on TikTok. With her debut single “Country Girl Commandements,” Adell puts on a bright display of her incredible vocal range and determined confidence as she sings, “If you’re playing with me, you gotta play by my rules. Baby, let me take you to school.” The song is lively, vibrant, and Adell’s voice is the main attraction as she does incredible runs throughout the track. The instrumental is pure country with a flare of contemporary dance pop influences. For this being her first single, Adell is sure to grab the attention of the masses with her powerful voice that sets her apart. 

4. “Ruin A Beach” by Nelly Joy

The newest release from Nelly Joy is an upbeat summer song about how a breakup ruined her summer getaway. In the chorus she sings, “Only you, only you, only you can ruin a beach, yeah, turn paradise into some kind of hell naturally, yeah. Throwing petty shade over my sunny day.” The song features fun wordplay in the lyricism with a buoyant instrumental.

5. Phases and Stages by Roger Dale

Phases and Stages is the debut EP from country singer-songwriter Roger Dale. The six song project features a blend of different genres like country, soul, and inklings of pop. It also features the song “One World, One Love” about the insurrection that took place at the capitol building on January 6th. Dale, who works as a civil rights attorney and lives near the capitol, wrote about his experience. At the end of each chorus he shouts powerfully, “I believe in unity. One world, one love.” Another high point is track number two, “White Noise,” a soulful jam where Dale shows off both his low register and high register.

6. “Take Me Home” by Sarahbeth Taite

Country singer Sarahbeth Taite has already accumulated over 200 thousand followers on TikTok and over two million likes through teasing music and being vulnerable on social media. Her latest drop, “Take Me Home,” was one of those tracks that she continuously teased. The song has a dreamy instrumental and Taite’s gorgeous vocals complement it beautifully as she sings, “Drop all your plans for your Friday night. Go on and run a couple red lights. Tell me that you really ain’t over it before I do something that you’re gonna regret.”

7. “Settle Down Chicago” by Elizabeth Lyons

On social media, Elizabeth Lyons spoke about her new song “Settle Down Chicago” and said, “This song is from the first chapter of the album and we wanted each song and chapter to grow bigger and bigger.” Within the lyrics, Lyon is speaking from a very vulnerable place as she speaks about a girl who lost herself. Despite the somewhat sad story, there’s a hopefulness that glows throughout the track.

8. “Mustang on Mud Tires” by Jay Allen and Nate Kenyon

Country acts Jay Allen and Nate Kenyon have teamed up for the electric and exciting track, “Mustang on Mud Tires.” Through a note on socials Allen explained, “This song is about embracing who you are and not allowing the world to shove you into a box. Every quirk, your past, the way you look, talk, feel and think, and even the music you listen to, makes you unique and beautiful.” The song bends genre with country undertones and hints of rap and rock influences as Allen and Kenyon sing about the duality found in their personalities.

9. “Wanted” by Jayne Denhum

“Wanted” is the spitfire new single from Australian country rock artist Jayne Denham. It’s the last single before the release of her full length album set to come out on August 13th. “Wanted” sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a wild wild west film: it makes use of horns, acoustic guitars, and Denham’s voice gives off a mysterious feeling as she sings about a girl who’s being chased after. In the pre-chorus she sings, “There’s a trail of wreck and ruin that she’s leaving behind. Living like a gypsy as she’s so hard to find. She should be on a poster wanted dead or alive.”

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