As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve all the love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song. 

1. “Trucks Ain’t For Breaking Down In” by Royale Lynn

The latest release from “cowgirl country” singer Royale Lynn is “Trucks Ain’t For Breaking Down In,” a song about how certain places, like your favorite truck, shouldn’t be the place for crying over a breakup. The lyrics, written by Lynn, Dan Hutson, and David Evans, do a great job of capturing that feeling of being reminded of a past lover even in your safe space. In each chorus Lynn sings passionately, “Cause that tailgate’s made for letting down, sitting around, looking up at the stars. That bench seat just means sliding in close to me and holding you in my arms. Now my rearview is showing me, every mile is a memory. No matter how broke this heart has been, trucks ain’t for breaking down in.”

2. “READY WHEN U ARE” by K​​ären McCormick

“READY WHEN U ARE” is the first single from singer-songwriter K​​ären McCormick after her 2020 EP Retro. The track is a throwback-pop infused, fun, and confident anthem. McCormick shows that she is self-assured in a new relationship as she sings, “You wanna be logical, comfortable, but what if we throw that out the window. Going all in ‘stead of running, I know that you want this if I’m honest. I’m ready when you are.” The song is layered with beautiful background vocals and harmonies that can be heard most noticeably at the end of the song during the final chorus.

3. “Just Drive” by Erin Kinsey

As the title indicates, “Just Drive,” the new track from Erin Kinsey, is the perfect song to blast during a long drive on a hot, sunny day. “Just Drive” has a high-spirited, spontaneous energy that makes it refreshing to listen to. The story in the lyrics written by Kinsey, Josh Ronen, and Michael August, also capture that essence as Kinsey exclaims, “Till there ain’t no road these wheels don’t know, your hand on mine over the console. Don’t gotta go anywhere tonight, oh we can just drive.”

4. “How Many Hangovers” by Baker Grissom

“If you’ve ever wished you could stop missing something or someone this song is for you,” is what Baker Grissom told followers and fans on Instagram to introduce his newest song, “How Many Hangovers.” Through his raw-sounding voice and image-filled lyricism, Grissom does a great job of painting the scene of someone trying to get over someone who once meant the world to them. In the second verse Grissom sings, “Yeah I can play it cool like I can drink it off, wander through a bottle like I ain’t lost.” When it comes to the chorus Grissom counts shots, drinks, memories, and midnights under bar lights while he asks how long it’ll take to mend his hurting heart.

5. “Lighters” by Angel Edwards

“Lighters” is the newest drop from country singer Angel Edwards who said on social media that this was her favorite song she’s ever written. The song is sentimental with a beautiful instrumental that shines with electric guitars and thrilling drums; they come full force after the second chorus and before the bridge. The song has an invincible glow as Edwards exclaims, “Here’s to going all night, here’s to fighting good fights, here’s to stories that we know we’re gonna tell a million times. You and me, him and her, we’re all just lighters.” 

6. “How This Ends” by Emily Patt

“How This Ends” by Emily Patt is emotional, vulnerable, and as Patt’s third single released, it shows off a more poignant side of the young singer. The song is stripped down and the production is subtle in order to let Patt’s voice come through and tell her story through the words that she wrote entirely by herself. In each chorus Patt sings relatable lyrics, “Cause people always leave when I get too attached, I know how this ends. Crying, lying on the floor lost in could’ve beens, I know how this ends.”

7. “I Wish” by Leah Marie Mason

After smashing success with her debut single and TikTok viral track “Far Boy,” rising country singer-songwriter Leah Marie Mason has released her second single, “I Wish.” On social media, Mason told fans “This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written & just feels so authentically me which makes me feel even closer to y’all and all of your own personal stories you’ve shared with me.” The track is a bittersweet, acoustic break-up song about wishing the best for your ex even if you really don’t want to. In the chorus Mason exclaims, “I wish that I could fix a broken heart with stitches or some glue. But above all, I wish I didn’t have to wish the best for you.”

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