As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song. 

1. “27” by Kate Cameron

Singer-songwriter Kate Cameron’s latest release is a brutally vulnerable track titled, “27.” On Instagram Cameron stated, “I hope Nashville can embrace this soul rooted song and the relatable concept of burning out as an artist before you reach your potential!!!” The lyrics, written by Cameron alone, are relatable; she captures the feeling of being stuck, not feeling accomplished, and the scary feelings that come with the idea that time is running out. In the first verse she sings, “Work three jobs and no one knows, ‘cause I play that stage and I run these roads. Yeah, that 27 years of giving my life, searching for something I may never find.”

2. In This Kind Of Light by Clare Dunn

In This Kind Of Light is the latest EP from country singer Clare Dunn. The five-song project opens up with “Holding Out For A Cowboy.” In the chorus of the track, it emulates a choir-like feeling with layered vocals that do an excellent job of projecting emotion. Dunn sings about her high expectations as she states, “God, I know he exists so I’ll keep waiting on him. My salt of the earth, gentleman. I need something to last forever like boots and good leather.” Track number three, “How It Comes Off” is a slow, drawn out tune that details a confusing relationship. Another high point is the closer, “Lonely Alone,” a blazing song with a strong sense of independence. Dunn makes a bold declaration by exclaiming, “I don’t know what it is that you think you see when you’re looking at me, but I ain’t lonely just ‘cause I’m alone.” Each track on the EP was co-written by Dunn; in the new series of songs her writing skills are in the spotlight while her vocal range adds depth to the stories she’s telling.

3. “Home” by Iris Marlowe

“Home” is the most recent release from Chicago based country musician Iris Marlowe. The track has a beautiful, captivating instrumental with a stunning violin accompaniment paired with a daunting piano that plays through the four-minute slow, acoustic ballad. Marlowe’s vocals are soft yet haunting as she sings, “You can drag me through the fire, but I’m never coming home. I can leave the past behind me, ‘cause I’m never coming home.” Despite the desperate feeling this song radiates, it also has a deep sense of freedom. 

4. “Seventeen” by Wild Fire

Sister duo Wild Fire sing about coming of age and the confusion that comes with living the teen years in their latest song, “Seventeen.” The lyrics, written by the sisters Kayla and Kelli with Annika Bennett, are relatable for teenagers who are trying to figure out who they are. The song is an angsty anthem that features an electric guitar and a heavy buildup to each chorus that heightens the track. The opening lines say, “Apparently I’m seventeen. Got no clue ‘bout what that means. I might cut my hair and dye it pink. What would it matter, I’m seventeen. Apparently I’m supposed to be livin’ wild like a dancing queen. I guess the movies lied to me about what matters when you’re seventeen.”

5. “Friends” by Sylvia Aimee

“Friends” by up-and-coming country singer Sylvia Aimee paints the scene of being surrounded by people at a party and feeling like the loneliest person in the room. On Instagram she spoke of the party that inspired the lyrics, “I watched it all; the trust, the comfort, the history they shared. It touched me because I’ve never had a lot of friends. For me, friends always come and go.” She sings in the chorus, “I’m looking at the party from the outside in. Everybody here has known each other for years and years and years. They’re reminiscing on stories I haven’t lived so I can laugh along but I’ll never really get it.” She also recounts feelings of “drinking with ghosts” and “drowning in thoughts of what could’ve been.”

6. “Just Here” by Kayley Bishop

Written by Kayley Bishop, Brian Sutherland, and Chelsey Stallings, “Just Here” narrates the feelings of a difficult grieving process after a sudden loss. On social media, Bishop told fans and followers, “In case you’re grieving the loss of someone, I found these sweet words that will hopefully encourage you.” The song is gut-wrenchingly gorgeous with a stripped-back production that let’s Bishop’s voice shine through. Her vocals are distinguished by belting with grit that are contrasted as she gets super soft and delicate during the song’s bridge. In each chorus Bishop exclaims, “I just wish that I could call her, tell her that I love her. She was like a mother to me and many others. More than just caring, more than extraordinary, just the one to wipe away your tears, and she was just here.”

7. “Greatest Love Story” by Lacy Cavalier

Independent singer-songwriter Lacy Cavalier dropped her newest track, “Greatest Love Story” a fun upbeat song with strong R&B influences. “Greatest Love Story” poses a great contrast to Cavalier’s earlier releases this year, “Eat It” and “Figured It Out.” While those two songs are slow, smooth, and sensual, “Greatest Love Story” is hard-hitting with beat drops and a vibey instrumental. Cavalier sings about the tension building in a relationship that hasn’t been made official as she sings, “This is gonna go one of two ways. We gon’ last forever or I’ma hate your face. This is gonna be one of two things: the greatest love story or the hardest heartbreak.

8. “November Air” by Abigail Neilson

“November Air” by country-pop singer Abigail Neilson opens with a spacey-sounding opening that turns into a light-hearted, acoustic love song. In each chorus Neilson sings, “There was a time you and I, we swore that it would never go this far. But after some time, you and I, we swore that we would never break apart.” The lyrics, written solely by Neilson, do a great job of encapsulating the story of an unpredictable budding romance. Her vocals are airy and sweet which add to the emotions she’s portraying.

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