As every Friday passes, numerous songs come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song. 

1. “Hell in a Handbag” by Alyssa Micaela

Country singer Alyssa Micaela is a sensation on TikTok with over 78 thousand followers and over 730 thousand likes on the platform. Her newest song “Hell in a Handbag,” written by Micaela, Tori Tullier, and Olivia Rudeen, was released this past Friday. When teasing it on TikTok, fans, followers, and people who aren’t even fans of country music found it relatable as she amassed over 2.3 million views on the video where she previewed the track. It also has almost half a million likes. In each chorus she exclaims, “I got an old parking ticket that I’m never gonna pay and an empty liquor bottle from an airplane. Got a lighter that I borrowed from a cowboy in Texas, still got the spare key to my exes Lexus.” Micaela turned random things she’s found in her purse, into a sassy, catchy country song loved by many.

2. “Dolly Would” by The Dryes

“What would Dolly do?” has become a famous and endearing question that can be seen on posters, t-shirts, stickers, and buttons. Husband and wife country duo The Dryes decided to write a song about in their latest release, “Dolly Would.” The track has an old-school, high-energy feeling with hearty hand-claps and jovial guitars and drums. The duo makes their statement by singing, “Standing out is gonna be a lonely road, so I’m following the one that’s paved in rhinestones. Must be doing something right if there’s things I gotta fight for. Never been one to do things by the book. Say the bleach went to my brain, say my dreams are so insane, oh, but I’m just gonna do what Dolly would.”

3. “When He’s Been Drinkin’” by Kaylin Roberson

“When He’s Been Drinkin’” starts with a fingerpicking guitar instrumental and keeps a laid-back feeling throughout. Kaylin’s storytelling comes to the forefront as she tells the story about a guy she’s crushing on while they are playing the dating game and he decides to spend his nights with his guy friends. In the chorus, Roberson states, “When he’s been drinkin,’ he starts telling everybody ‘bout me. Yeah I’m the only one he wants when it sinks in that I’m not there to dance to our song whenever it comes on.’” During the bridge she sings gently, “I don’t know what bar, but I know what his heart is feeling.” The line is striking as Roberson confesses the trust she has in her love interest. You can read our interview where we speak with Roberson about her new single here.

4. “Pretty Ugly” by Jenna Paulette

Rising country artist Jenna Paulette is following her viral track “Country In the Girl,” a flippant, hardy track with the softer, twangy song “Pretty Ugly.” The lyrics, written by Paulette, Jeb Gibson, Parker Welling, and Will Bundy feature authentic images of what comes with a devastating heartbreak. In the chorus she sings, “Roses on the counter are wilted now. Nail holes where I took the pictures down, right side nightstand looks a little bit dusty. Heartbreak makes pretty ugly. Mascara running down a made-up face, clouds rolled in now it always rains. It was beautiful up until he said he didn’t love me. Heartbreak makes pretty ugly.” The contrast between Paulette’s two latest singles shows her duality as a singer and a songwriter through the way she emotes the two very different stories.

5. “The Book” by Seth Ennis

“The Book” is country singer Seth Ennis’ third single of 2021. “The Book” is a ballad grounded in a beautiful, piano instrumental. It’s a sad breakup song about watching your ex move on easier than you are. The lyrics, penned by Ennis along with Geoff Warburton and Zach Abend, are filled with painful questions and wonders. In the second verse Ennis sings, “How do you already seem so happy? Did you ever even care about me? ‘Cause you’re not wasting any time finding ways to twist the knife. How are you already so far past me? I’m just asking.”

6. “Lone Ranger” by Stephanie Quayle

The newest release from Stephanie Quayle is about losing a completely irreplaceable love. Despite the sadness, Quayle exudes a gritty sense of independence through a western sounding instrumental with prevalent electric guitar sounds. At the end of each chorus Quayle states, “Rather heartbreak be my friend and love bе a stranger ‘cause if I have to ridе with someone else that’s not you, I’d rather be a lone ranger.” Throughout the entire track, she continuously declares she’d rather be on her own than have to move on from someone she previously loved.

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