As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song. 

1. “Love You to Pieces” by Amanda Jordan

On TikTok, where up-and-coming country singer-songwriter Amanda Jordan has over 17 thousand followers, she teased her newest single “Love You to Pieces” by stating, “I wrote this song about being there for someone no matter what and choosing to love them unconditionally.” The track is sincere and softly empathetic as Jordan chooses to love even when it’s the hard thing to do. In the chorus she sings, “I’m gonna love you to pieces when you’re up there in the stars / Gonna love you like Jesus when you’re down there in the dark / If you ever need someone’s open arms / If you ever wanna fall apart / I’m gonna love you to pieces even when you break my heart.”

2. “Runnin’” by Ashlie Amber

Colorado native Ashlie Amber sings about a hometown love interest, her “Denver boy,” in her latest single, “Runnin.’” In the intro she details how long they’ve been apart as she sings, “I’m on a red-eye flight tryna get to you / 30 hours, no sleep ‘til I see you / It’s been 27 days, 600 plus hours, over 30,000 minutes, boy, I’ve been keeping with it / Countin’ every second to you.” Throughout the track, she joyfully beams about the overwhelming feeling of love and the butterflies in her stomach. In “Runnin,’” Amber has the ability to showcase her vocal range as she belts out extreme high notes, while also adding a gentle touch to her falsetto.

3. “Lonely Does” by Erin Grand

When talking about her brand new song “Lonely Does,” singer Erin Grand told fans and followers on social media, “I want this song to be a safe place where you can be angry at someone or deep in your sadness. We all need to let ourselves go there sometimes to heal.” The song has a mellow production with an acoustic guitar that builds as the song goes on. In the bridge Grand exclaims, “If I had love to wrap my arms around / I wouldn’t feel so lost here in this house / Tangled up, in these sheets, all alone cryin’ / If I could say I’m good I would be lying / Lying to myself, by blaming someone else.” The profound and outstanding line that’s repeated throughout the track goes, “Love would never let me do the things that lonely does.”

4. “Trainwreck” by Raleigh Keegan

The brand new track from country singer Raleigh Keegan was written by himself and Leslie Satcher. It was produced by Ryan Gore who has won a GRAMMY Award and worked with other acts such as Old Dominion and Jon Pardi.  “Trainwreck,” which follows Keegan’s recent singles “Drink for That” and “Jealous of the Sun,” opens with a catchy symphony of string sounds and vibrant drums. Keegan sets the scene with the vivid opening line, “The sun came cuttin’ through a faded curtain in a rented out motel room” He then goes on to sing, “I was out of luck, had to pack it all up / ‘Cause that’s just what you do / When the dream you’re chasing, ain’t been chasing you.”

5. “Steady” by Chelsey James

Country singer Chelsey James follows up her single “Must’ve Been Drunk” with her newest release, “Steady.” Within the lyrics, James expresses her thankfulness to someone in her life she deems a “saving grace” who helps her maintain balance when life gets difficult. In the chorus James belts out, “You make me steady when things get heavy / There you go pullin’ me right back in / You let me know I can breathe again.” As James sings, her powerhouse vocals do a great job expressing the desperation she feels; her emotion is radiant in “Steady.”

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