As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song. 

1. “Taking Up Space” by Lena Stone

Lena Stone wrote her latest single “Taking Up Space” about the harsh beauty standards women face. On Instagram, she spoke vulnerably about the song saying, “The older I get, the more I realize that the way I look doesn’t define me — It’s who I AM that defines me. I’m learning that truly loving myself is an everyday effort, but one that is so unbelievably worthwhile.” Stone’s vocals shine in this stunning, emotional ballad that’s backed by a piano instrumental. There are also faint, cosmic-sounding backing vocals that add depth to the song. She starts the song by saying, “Damn these voices in my head, I’m sick of being in the middle of too much and not enough. It’s not enough room to just be.” At the end of each chorus, she sings with gentle confidence, “I’m done saying sorry for taking up space.”

2. “Woman” by Sarah Ryder

Across social media, singer-songwriter Sarah Ryder made a strong statement about her latest single “Woman” stating, “Every line in the song was written with a woman in mind that I respect, admire and love…though it really is about every woman in the world. Women are so capable of DOING so many things while being emotionally there for people in so many ways.” Written with PJ Ju, Ryder gives immense purpose to the lyrics that act as a dedication to the female powerhouses in her life that inspire her. The song’s instrumental is quite stripped down giving Ryder’s sturdy vocals the center stage. In the chorus, she sings forcefully, “Oh, you always keep yourself together. Oh, girl, take what hurts and make it better. You’re a lover, go-getter, and a friend. You’re a get-back-on your feet again woman.” Ryder’s voice echoes with a sense of empathy and empowerment.

3. “Damn Boy” by Christina Taylor

“Damn Boy” is the catchy new single from up-and-coming singer Christina Taylor. Written by Jordyn Mallory, Tori Tullier, and Kristina Kidd, “Damn Boy” encapsulates a vast variety of emotions. The narrative begins with meeting a boy in a bar. The meeting turns into a relationship. Things turn sour when things end and in the chorus, Taylor exclaims, “Got me like damn, boy. I guess I’ll never understand, boy. Yeah, I thought we had a chance and I was fallin’ for a man but you’re nothing but a damn boy.” Taylor’s made-for-country voice suits the style of the track perfectly and her grit adds anger to the emotion in the story.

4. “Don’t Wanna Know” by Christie Huff

Christie Huff’s latest release was written by all women with credits given to Huff, Anna Schulze, and Haleigh Bowers. The music video was filmed and directed by an all-women crew as well, including photographer Brittany Berggren. The song circles around the aftermath of a breakup and trying your hardest not to think about what your ex is doing. “What’s the matter with this feeling in my chest did I make a mess of you? Or is it just me spinning now backwards, sideways, out of control. Is it just me sitting with everything? I don’t wanna know.” The lyricism feels like a stream of unfiltered, unconscious thoughts which makes the song feel raw and brutally honest.

5. “Always Be Home” by Carolyn Miller

“Always Be Home” is the newest track from New York City-based country singer Carolyn Miller. On Instagram, Miller explained the song was inspired by her parents moving to Florida and her mom telling her, “As long as we have each other, we can make any house a home.” In each chorus Miller sings with exuberant passion, “We don’t need a house on a hill and a million dollar bills or a big city view. All we need’s a key and a lock, red wine in a box, and a loveseat for two. If it’s mapped out town, Paris, Vegas, deep south, long as it’s me and you. Wherever we go, we’ll always be home.”

6. “About Love” by Tiffany Woys

Written by Jason Saenz, Sara Haze, and Sam Ellis, “About Love” is the new song from California native Tiffany Woys. Woys lends her voice to this sweet and charming country-pop track that acts as a list naming small details about falling love. “It’s keepin’ it cool ‘cause you wanna yell it in a megaphone. Left-hand steering ’cause the right one wants the right one to hold. It’s hanging on even when you’re at the end of your road. Midnight confessions so you don’t end up in the friendzone.”

7. “Once Upon a Time in a Small Town” by Daisy Briggs

“Once Upon a Time in a Small Town” by rising country singer Daisy Briggs is a pop-country song that looks back on the memories of a relationship. In the lyrics, she sings mentions youthful, teenage memories like buying beers with fake IDs, and graduating high school. In this story, Briggs gets out of her small town, but her love interest does not. In the chorus she sings, “Sometimes I miss you and then I flip to the smile on your face. Is it a summer? Sometimes I wonder where we’d be if I stayed. Would you forgive me? Do you wish were lost and then found? We can’t fix it. We only existed once upon a time in a small town.”

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