As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song. 

1. Miss Calfornia by Claire Wright

Miss California is the debut EP from country singer Claire Wright. Highlights include the title track that begins with a phone ringing. The track is nostalgic as Wright begins to list places her heart still remains in her home state as she sings, “There’s a piece of my heart right there on your front porch. There’s another on a park bench up north by the lakeshore. There’s one in the sunset, over the Golden Gate. From all those places, I’m homemade, so wherever I go I miss California.” The song is filled with imagery and relatable experiences like homesickness, missing birthdays, and talking on the phone with mom. The closing track “Hate Me” is also a standout moment. It’s beautiful, stripped back, and Wright’s low, husky voice adds much emotion to the ballad.

2. “Drinkin’ To The Broken Hearts” by Maggie Baugh

After releasing “Think About Me,” singer-songwriter Maggie Baugh has been on the upward trend. She went from having hundreds of Spotify listeners to hundreds of thousands. Her newest song “Drinking to the Broken Hearts” only furthers her artistry. The track is a breakup song, but Baugh intended on keeping it gender neutral since she’s telling two sides to one single story: the perspective from the boy and the perspective from the girl. In the chorus she sings emotionally, “This one’s for the girls on the bathroom floor wishing that he’d walk back through that door / All cried out, hair in a mess, phone on the right, and a bottle on the left /  Raise one up for what love tour apart / ‘cause tonight we’re drinking, drinking to the broken hearts.” You can read our interview with Baugh where she speaks about the new track here.

3. Ten Years by Alyssa Scott

The new album from country artist Alyssa Scott is a raw, unique record that was recorded with no production. It was made with Scott and fellow instrumentalists sitting down in a room and recording themselves. On social media, she said, “Ten Years has been a really huge milestone for me as an artist, and to do it without filters, in the raw, and completely vulnerable has been a jump I’ve had to trust my gut on.” When listening, you can hear subtle sounds in the background, individual guitar plucks, and emotion in Scott’s voice that adds a sort of humanness to the music. You can hear Scott saying, “Sorry,” people in the background yelling “From the top” and “Take two,” as well as handclaps and fun banter. Standouts on the LP include the second track “Survive,” the highly-spirited “Young Wild and Free,” and the “Sitting By The Fire” which features beautiful harmonies and captures the idea of a comforting community.

4. “September” by Livy Jeanne and Garrison

“September” is a brand new pop-country collaboration between Canadian singer Livy Jeane and Nashville-based producer Jeff Garrison. The track has a stripped-down feeling with the plucking sounds of a guitar during the verses until the chorus kicks in with an elusive beat drop that adds a refreshing feeling and an EDM-infused twist. “September” is the perfect song to close out the summer as Jeanne and Garrison’s voices come together to harmonize over the song’s chipper and sweet energy. They sing, “When the days get shorter and the nights get longer, I can hold you closer and I can keep you warmer. We can break up for the summer, you can do you and I’ll do me. We can break up for the summer, take a little time, baby, let’s be free. ‘Cause, we can get back together in September.”

5. “Your Whiskey” by TracieLynn

The brand new release from rising country singer TracieLynn is the heartbreaking song “Your Whiskey.” “Your Whiskey” is about wanting to love someone who struggles with addiction and wishing you could help them and be loved by them. In the second verse, she sings, “I’m lying wide awake and sober. You’re dying from that aching in your head. I’d never leave your heart hungover but you’re filling up on something else instead.” Besides the somber lyrics, TracieLynn’s voice gives off an almost chilling effect adding an extra punch of pain to the song.

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