As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. Born in July by Taylor Edwards

Born in July is the brand new seven-song project from singer-songwriter Taylor Edwards. It opens with the track “Mean To Me” about the self-doubt and inner turmoil Edwards faces. She sings about being a perfectionist, thinking negatively, and annoying her friends with the way she sees herself. The chorus sums up the message perfectly as she sings, “I wish I saw what everybody sees / But I only see the bad parts of me / Tell myself lies that I believe then repeat, yeah / Why am I so damn mean to me.” The lyrics in the opener feel like the page of a diary; the words aren’t overly complicated but show a sense of introspection and vulnerability. Another highlight is track three, “Homesick,” where Edwards sings about her hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas. It was written with Emily Falvey and Nicolle Galyon: one of the most well-known songwriters in the country scene. In the second verse, Edwards speaks of the signature assets of small-town America, “No, there ain’t nothing flashy / ‘Bout one stoplight that’s flashin’ / Everybody knows your business / Middle names and your first kisses / I still ain’t grown out of where I grew up / I swear I go when I need space to run.”

2. “24” by Johnny Dailey

“24” by country singer Johnny Dailey is a somber look into the past as he recalls a relationship that had ended and wishes he would’ve done some things differently. Dailey’s voice is sweet-sounding, gentle, and nostalgic as he sings, “Pull you closer, hold you tighter / Kiss you slower while the world’s on fire / No time wasting, just me making good on forever till my final hour / And you’d take mine, cause it’s all yours / If I had one more / I’d give you my last 24.” The verses capture moments of the past that Dailey recalls so vividly. Within the lyrics that were written by Dailey, Daniel Ross, and Benjy Davis, he mentions things like hardwood floors, long neighborhood drives, and sunsets.

3. “Even In My Dreams” by Julia Cole feat. Cooper Alan

Up-and-coming singer Julia Cole teams up with Cooper Alan in one of her latest releases titled “Even In My Dreams.” The two singer-songwriters go back and forth discussing a long-distance relationship and the magic they’re still able to maintain despite the unfavorable circumstances. They harmonize in the chorus as their voices blend, “Even in my dreams, baby all I see / Is the look in your eyes right before you kiss me / Don’t need some fantasy / When I got one like you loving on me, yeah / Baby when you’re gone, we’re still strong / I’m thinking ‘bout you all night long / It’s you and me, you and me even in my dreams.

4. “Hard Way to Go” by Megan Knight

Megan Knight’s latest single is a sassy-sounding, wild-west-inspired track titled “Hard Way to Go.” The most standout aspect of this track is Knight’s vocal range that she aims to highlight on every second of the song, especially on the chorus. Despite the confidence in her vocal performance, Knight sings about moving out and on with her life; a struggle every young adult confronts eventually. She sings, “Now I’m moving real fast down this country street / Momma told me to pack my bags and leave / Now I don’t know what to do with myself because I’m barely getting by and I’m scared for my health / And I’ve always been the stubborn kind to say I’ll be just fine but it’s a hard way to go.”

5. “Bad for Me” by Sarah Allison Turner

On Instagram, singer Sarah Allison Turner told followers and fans about her new track stating, “Can’t believe this came to be all because of a tornado warning, nosebleed, and some last minute improvising from our publishers. I believe all songs are fate and we truly do have the coolest job in the world.” “Bad for Me” is brimming with spice and flare as Turner sings with a saucy attitude about her addictions. In the pre-chorus she sings, “Baby I’m addicted to the rush / Maybe I’m addicted to his touch / Don’t care what it is, yeah, whatever it is, you know I like it too damn much.” During the electrifying chorus, Turner’s voice rings out, “Hey, baby if it ain’t wrong / Oh, then it ain’t right / Hey, if you ain’t wasting my time / You’re wasting your time / Cause you’re no good if you ain’t bad for me.” The song features shouts in the distance and hazy handclaps adding a boot-stomping effect.

6. “COUNTRY SIDE” by Sammy Arriaga featuring Cooper Alan

After teasing the collaboration on TikTok, rising country singer Sammy Arriaga dropped a collaboration with fellow country artist Cooper Alan. Both Arriaga and Alan are known for their engaging personalities on social media, specifically TikTok, so this collaboration seemed to be a perfect match. The lyrics in the track capture the essence of country living as the chorus goes, “Everybody’s got a country side / Little bit of southern state of mind / Everybody’s got some twang / When they sippin’ on some drink / And turn it up on Friday night / To a little bit of chicken fried.” The two singers have distinct, opposing voices that complement each other in a unique way. Arriaga has a more modern-sounding twang while Alan’s voice is deep and soulful.

7. “Say to You” by Devon Beck

“Say to You” is the latest single from singer-songwriter Devon Beck. The stripped-down, acoustic ballad details the heartache you feel when you can’t get over someone. Beck’s songwriting is raw; the songwriting feels as though she’s pulling memories from the deepest part of her brain to detail her pain. In the chorus she howls, “No matter what I do I can’t shake the feeling I get when I hear your name / I won’t lie, after all this time, I’d do anything to make this right / Seems like all of our memories can’t just be blurred even with a little whiskey / Now too far gone for you to move on / I could just go on and on / All the things that I don’t want to say to you.”

8. “That Right There” by Carson Beyer

Written with Serg Sanchez, country singer-songwriter Carson Beyer transports listeners to his smalltown with one of his latest releases “That Right There.” The songwriting is extremely specific as Beyer points out locations and moments in his youth that made him in the man he is today. He paints the scene with detailed images of liquor stores, parking lots, and welcome signs that are presented like small snapshots of time in the lyricism. In the bridge, Beyer’s voice softens as he sings, “There’s so much out there left to see / The seven wonders, the in-betweens / There’s only one place I call home / And it’s that right there / The red brick house off my favorite back road.”

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