Rising artist Lindsay Adamson has a breakout success story; one that will continue to shine as she works her way up in the music industry. 2020 was her first year releasing music and right from the start, she immediately took off. After she put out her first two singles, “You Got Me” and “Country Music Feels Like Home,” she gained 300,000 digital streams. Her most recent track, “He Ain’t Worth The Makeup” appeared on Apple Country’s Best New Songs. Today, October 8th, Adamson released a new single that’ll be sure to keep her on the road to major success throughout her career, titled “Get You Back.”

Although the fresh-sounding new single wasn’t written by the Canadian-born singer-songwriter herself, she was quickly drawn to it when she first heard it. The track was written by Dave Thompson and Kiki Halliday, two eminent songwriters in Nashville. Thompson has been on writing teams for superstars in the genre and Kiki Halliday has credits on songs that have premiered on television shows. With their amazing songwriting talents and Adamson’s calming, fresh voice presenting the lyrics, it’ll be hard for fans not to fall in love. 

It’s said to be true that things happen when you least expect them. After Adamson stopped looking for love, she found it by accident. Having high hopes that this time around that she met her person, she was left heartbroken. The loss of love she experienced weighed heavily on her, which plays a prodigious role in why she released this new track. The lyrical content is powerful, and many will be able to find themselves relating to it, just like the singer when she was first presented with it. 

“We were so magnetic and I can’t forget it / I didn’t want to let you go / I got a new strategy, it’s going to make it easy / I’m just here to let you know / We can kiss and makeup or I can scratch up your truck / I haven’t made my mind up yet / You can take me downtown or I can burn your house down / It’s one or the other / Either way I’m going to get you back.” 

Heartbreak is never easy but you can always rely on Adamson and her new music to help power you through them.

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