As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. “Cartwheels” by Steffi Jeraldo

On Instagram, singer-songwriter Steffi Jeraldo spoke of her new song by stating, “‘Cartwheels’ is for those of us who have a hard time admitting defeat.” The most noticeable thing in this song is Jeraldo’s voice. She sounds desperate; the emotion she feels is clearly noted as she sounds emotional, raw, and distressed. The song is slow, with a stripped-down sound making the words of the track get pushed to the front. “So I’m doing cartwheels / Spinning round, upside down, all around in my head / Cartwheels, bend my back, blue and black, losing track of what’s real / I already know how you feel / Those are the words I can’t hear / So I’m doing cartwheels.” Jeraldo and co-writer Sean Trainor take a childish concept, such as doing cartwheels, and pairing it with a painful adult-like experience.

2. “Because of That” by Stephanie Jacques

Nashville-based songstress Stephanie Jacques has an angelic, gentle voice that strings together words of powerful honesty in her music. Her latest single, “Because of That” is a testament to her vulnerable yet unwavering songwriting. The brand new single was written alongside well-known country singer Cassadee Pope, and on social media Jacques told fans and followers, “I wrote this after a year of watching and hearing opinions from people they didn’t know but were judging. It’s easy to judge someone by appearance or situation, but to walk in their shoes is a harder choice. We can’t always do that so I wanted to share a bit of me. The judgments I have faced and the fears I have had.” The song features a somber piano instrumental as Jacques recounts moments of bigotry. She sings, “Don’t want to be a hashtag at the end of the day / Don’t want to go out like that, some kind of household name / Don’t want to be a trend because of their mistakes / Don’t want to be a hashtag at the end of the day.”

3. “All That Glitters” by Emma & Jolie

Country duo from the United Kingdom made of Emma Lucy Walker and Jolie Harvey, have released their fourth single titled “All That Glitters.” The lyrics, written by the duo alongside Adam Fitzgerald, detail the story of someone who continues going back to a toxic ex. Their perfect pop-country vocals sound delicate over an upbeat, airy instrumental that features light banjo sounds. In the second verse they exclaim, “And I hate myself / For thinking I might be the one when he’s been texting someone else / And then he tries to change my mind / It’s not that hard ‘cause I’m already on my way to his tonight.”

4. “Walk” by Amanda Kate

The first song off of her upcoming EP, “Walk” by rising country singer Amanda Kate is the perfect sassy, empowering anthem for anyone who wants to move on from something holding them back. In the chorus she sings, “I’m gonna walk, walk, walk out on you / I’m gonna look real good doing it too / Jesus walked on water / And Neil walked on the moon / And that’s some real good walking like the kind I’m gonna do.” The song’s lyrics, written by Brian Jonathan Bunn, Kimberly Kelly, and Wil Nance are fun, playful, yet strong and bold. Kate’s vibrant, twangy voice gives the words meaning and conveys the message perfectly.

5. “Vaquera and the Cowboy” by Leah Turner

Country singer Leah Turner’s latest single chronicles her parents’ love story. Her mother is a first generation Mexican-American and her father was a world champion rodeo star hence the title “Vaquera and the Cowboy.” Turner is unique in that her music stylings represent her Latin heritage. The strong Spanish guitar sounds are romantic and sizzling while her voice is passionate. In a press release, Turner said, “I had a front row seat to true love. I had an example of what it means to never give up on love.” “It ain’t always the cowboy that saddles up and rides away / Sunrise will come and he will stay / Watching that vacquera and the cowboy / As they ride away.” The song personifies riding off into the distance as the sun sets over the desert.

6. “Summer After Summer” by Sarahbeth Taite

The latest single from rising country singer Sarahbeth Taite tells the story of a romantic summer fling. The track feels nostalgic as Taite sings effortlessly with a breezy cadence. In the chorus she sings, “Summer after summer / I wonder if you wonder what color sky I’m looking at / When it’s raining shooting stars, do you see us in the dark / I can’t seem to stop thinking about that / What if it don’t ever get any better than that Colorado, July moon / I still wonder if there’s summer after summer with you.” The lyrics, written by Taite and Grant Vogel, are exceptionally radiant with authentic description. As you hear the words, you feel like you’re along with Taite as she describes the youthfulness that comes with the summer season.

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