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As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. “Hate This Town” by Autumn Brooke

“Hate This Town” is the debut single from singer-songwriter Autumn Brooke. After gaining much traction on TikTok with over 120K followers and almost one million total likes, Brooke’s debut single was destined to get attention. “Hate This Town” has a dark, electric twang, and Brooke’s smooth vocals pair well with the somber instrumental as she sings about how a place can be ruined by a person. She sings, “Well the devil went down to Georgia then moved to Tennessee / Couldn’t take me with him so hell was brought to me / In a purgatory town where angels don’t make it out alive / And I’m burnin’ at the stake tonight.” The track already has over 20 thousand streams on Spotify and debuted on the iTunes Country Chart.

2. “Ms. Fire” by Hayley Mae Campbell

The latest single from singer-songwriter Hayley Mae Campbell is titled “Ms. Fire.” The brand new track is filled with bright imagery and fun wordplay that describes an unfortunately failed relationship. In the chorus, Campbell sings, “We were shooting for the stars / But we wound up worlds apart / I misfired, I misfired / We were two halves of a flame / That got caught out in the rain / Now I miss fire, I miss fire / And you know you shouldn’t hit me up / Cause you know that we’ve been burned enough / But you call me Ms. Fire.” The use of the words “misfired,” “miss fire,” and “Ms. Fire” are all parallel to showcase Campbell’s witty songwriting skills.

3. “Fallin’” by Hayden Joseph

After releasing the summertime jam “Backwoods Bougie,” a sunny, bright anthem, country singer-songwriter, and well-established TikTok personality Hayden Joseph shows off his softer side with his new single “Fallin.’”’ The lyrics, written by Joseph and Colin Rowe, paint a picturesque, autumnal scene as Joseph sings about cool air, rewound clocks, and a “crimson sky.” His vocals throughout the entirety of the track are warm, inviting, and gentle. In the chorus he sings, “Leaves fallin’ to the beat of an autumn breeze / And cheap coffee to keep us both from falling asleep / ‘Red’ on my speakers, blue in your eyes / White lies in my head trying hard to deny / All along it was me / It wasn’t just the leaves fallin.’”

4. “White Lines” by J.Antonette

The new single from J.Antonette captures the whirlwind of feelings you go through when missing someone. In the lyrics, Antonette seems to be reliving moments and memories in her head that she so desperately wants to stop thinking about. All of these feelings come to her while on a long, winding drive. She sings, “So I’ll stay counting these white lines on a blacktop / I zone out cause they’re hypnotizing / Kickin’ dust at truck stops / Shotgun sitting wishing you were driving / I’d rub your neck, we’d be laughing like hell / Instead of me crying to songs by myself / I can’t go home to that empty bed / So I’ll stay counting these white lines.”

5. “what you can’t have” by Kamryn Palmer

Kamryn Palmer’s latest single is a solo write titled “what you can’t have.” What sticks out about this track is the extremely vulnerable writing from Palmer. The song is stripped-down, acoustic country ballad, and Palmer’s vocals are magnified. She sings, “How do you always stick around like a review broken heart town / Can’t seem to get me gone, there’s no way out /  What do you make me this way? / Wish I could get you out of my brain / Hypnotize my every move / I’m yours long as the sky’s still blue.”

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