As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. “Stones (I Don’t Give A)” by Allie Colleen

In a press release, singer-songwriter Allie Colleen spoke to her latest single by stating, “My whole life, everything and anything I’ve ever accomplished, was diminished because it was assumed everything was always handed to me. I work my ass off, I love what I do, and there is nothing anyone could ever say to make me question my purpose on this planet.” After a series of singles before the official release of her debut album on Black Friday, Colleen shows a grittier side of herself with “Sones (I Don’t Give A).” The new track contrasts greatly with her previous releases like the emotional “Only Oklahoma” and the sexy “Pink Lemonade.” Colleen radiates justified anger that feels passionate and raw. And although she sounds fired up, she confidently shakes the negativity away as she sings, “All those stones you’ve been throwing / Ain’t bringing me down / Hell I know where I’m going / Can’t stop me now / Ain’t losing sleep over you, I look good in black and blue.”

2. “Hard Things” by Sarah Buxton

Singer-songwriter Sarah Buxton’s latest single is a track filled with vulnerability about realizing you’re braver than what other people may have made you believe. “Hard Things” was written by Buxton alongside Madi Diaz and Kate York, who also provide stunning background vocals throughout the entirety of the track. In an Instagram caption leading up to the release, Buxton wrote, “I never knew how strong I was, but I do now. And I won’t be seduced into playing small any longer.” Buxton’s vocals sound desperate and fragile; the emotion is evident and hard-hitting. In the chorus, she exclaims, “And I stayed when I was angry / And I stayed when I was sad / And I stayed when it was over / Gave you all that I had / So don’t tell me that I’m fragile / And not strong enough to leave / Baby, I’m not afraid of hard things.” The outro of the song is also noticeable, filled with beautiful, subtle hums.

3. “Hungover You” by Emily Brooke

Rising country artist Emily Brooke’s new release “Hungover You” is all about trying to get over someone and drunk texting them during the process. On social media, Brooke posted about the song saying the idea came to her on National Margarita Day. She sings about chasing after someone she shouldn’t be chasing, late-night messages, and compares her actions to drinking. In the chorus, she says, “It’s never just one more shot, or one more text / Another all-night kiss to make me a mess / Wake up in the morning and I hurt like hell / And I just want it to end / I tell myself I’m just hungover / Not heartbroken over you.” Despite the somber subject matter, the song’s instrumental and overall sound is pretty and catchy.

4. “Little I Got” by Amanda Kate

The most recent single from country artist Amanda Kate is all about celebrating the little things in life. The track was penned by Brett Tyler, Jade Beyer, and country superstar Maren Morris. The grounding, humbling message feels especially relevant in 2021. In the first verse, Kate sings, “You got a big house up on a hill / I got an airstream trailer / The fridge, it is cold and the coffee’s hot / I got a lot with the little I got.” The lyrics are backed with Kate’s twangy yet pretty-sounding vocals as she sings about having a simple life and how special that can truly be when you focus on the little joys.

5. “Date a Friend” by Lydia Sutherland

Rising singer-songwriter Lydia Sutherland has released her latest single “Date a Friend” which seems to act as a piece of advice. Written by Sutherland, Chris Yurchuck, and fellow rising country artist Robyn Ottolini, the writing in the song details what it’s like to fall for a friend, and in the chorus Sutherland advises, “Don’t date a friend / If you don’t wanna get your mind read without talking / You can’t pretend / They already know the signs when you start withdrawing / They know how your ex treated you, so they wanna treat you better / If you don’t want to wear that sweater you’ve been seeing forever / Don’t date a friend.” The song is a fusion of pop-country sounds with a pulsating acoustic guitar that appears during the verses.

6. “Body Will Break” by Olivia Farabaugh

Country singer Olivia Farabaugh, known for competing on Season 10 of NBC’s The Voice, has released her brand new video for her single “Body Will Break.” The song, that was originally released in early September, is filled with honest lyrics and brutal emotion. On Instagram, Farabaugh spoke about the track saying, “What a journey it has been from the experiences I have had that had brought the inspiration for this song, to the writing process and the recording. It has been so beautiful watching this song take shape.” The new video for the song features Farabaugh, dressed in white, singing in contrast to a contemporary dancer wearing black. The video is brooding with dark imagery and scenes of tall trees and a graveyard.

7. “It’s Not Me, It’s You” by Steel Ivory

Steel Ivory is a country duo made up of sisters Kayleigh and Kristin. The two have gained quite a decent TikTok following with over 55 thousand followers and over half a million total likes on the platform. After releasing three singles in 2021, their latest titled “It’s Not Me, It’s You” is a fiery, electric country-pop tune about a frustrating ex-boyfriend. In the chorus, the girls sing with flare as they shout out, “Guess who’s gonna wanna go back? / Gonna miss every memory we had / Boy, guess who? / It’s not me, it’s you / Guess who’s gonna be regretting’? / Calling, crying, texting / Boy, guess who? / It’s not me, it’s you.”

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