As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song. 

1. “Marfa Lights” by Kaitlin Butts

Country singer Kaitlin Butts has released an otherwordly new single titled “Marfa Lights,” in which she references the famed attraction in Marfa, Texas that has become a paranormal phenomenon. Besides Butts’ twangy, electrifying vocals, the lyrics are beautifully strung together with vivid storytelling. In the opening verse she sings, “Take me out west / Take me on a quest / You told me not to change out of my cheap denim dress, oh no / Two lovers on the run / Like a bullet from a gun / And if love is just a game, then I think we won.” She also refers to herself as a “cosmic cowgirl” in the chorus which is striking.

2. “Dealing” by Autumn Nicholas

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Autumn Nicholas isn’t afraid to get vulnerable and open in her stunning lyricism. Her latest single, “Dealing,” discusses mental health and confronting it within oneself. She spoke about the song’s message stating, “It’s about figuring out how to deal with yourself and not to constantly looking to social media and other places to figure out who you are and who you are not.  And then deciding who you want to be. Please take what you need from it.” In the first lines of the track she confesses, “I sit quietly, so much anxiety / I know I’m not perfect, but none of this is working / No control when I wanna slow down / Overexposed when there’s no one around / My thoughts they bother me, and I tend to disagree.” Nicholas’ vocals sound desperate and exude emotional exhaustion that’s bound to move listeners to their core.

3. “What If We Never Met” by Wild Fire

Sister duo Wild Fire has released a brand new song titled, “What If We Never Met” about a messy breakup. “What If We Never Met” follows the duo’s other single, “Seventeen:” a track that captures what it feels like to be a teenager. The newest addition to their catalog does the same as it details the anger that comes after a failed relationship. When speaking about the song, the girls share, “It’s ok to let go of relationships that do not add value to our lives. Just know that greater things are in store.” In the chorus, the girls sing harsh words of honesty, “Oh darling, if I could do it over / I wouldn’t do it at all / My heart’s been on a roller coaster / And I’m so over the fall / We’ve mad mistakes let’s just say it’s nobody’s fault / But darling if I could do it over / I wouldn’t do it at all.”

4. “Work All Day” by Matt Koziol

The latest single from Matt Koziol is the gritty, twangy-sounding “Work All Day.” What stands out the most about this song are the jagged electric guitars and the showstopping, soulful background vocals that perfectly complement Koziol’s rugged vocals. Despite the song’s upbeat sound, it has a rather sad message about the feeling of working yourself to a breaking point. The second verse especially captures this as Koziol exclaims, “Thinkin’ back on a young boy / With a world in his hands / Now they’re cracked and broke, like a soul of a man.”

5. “October & You” by JT Brennan

Country artist JT Brennan has gained quite the TikTok following with over 200 thousand followers and over one million total likes amassed on the platform. He rounded out the month of October with a seasonal single titled, “October & You.” Brennan promoted the video on socials with picturesque fall-time videos. At the beginning of the song he describes a past relationship singing, “Something ‘bout this time of year / Thought of you comes back so clear / First fall date at a county fair / Close my eyes I still see you there / Those old memories always seem to get to me.” Since it’s release on Friday, it’s already gained over 15 thousand streams across all platforms.

6. Him by Amanda Cooksey

Rising singer-songwriter Amanda Cooksey released her debut album last Friday titled Him. The seven-song project acts as a concept album that takes listeners on a journey through a breakup story. The album consists of four pre-released singles like “Chicago” and “In Denial.” It also features a few brand new songs including the beautiful title track, “Him” which acts as the finale where Cooksey realizes moving on is for the best. The music on the EP is a perfect blend of country and pop with relatable and honest lyrics.

7. “Honky Damn Tonk” by Wyatt McCubbin

Country singer-songwriter Wyatt McCubbin has made his debut on the music scene with the boot-stompin’ “Honky Damn Tonk.” After McCubbin moved to Nashville in 2018, he’s had his songs cut by artists like Cody Johnson, Riley Green, Tracy Lawrence, Brent Cobb, Drew Parker, and many more. His debut single is jolly, upbeat, and in his own words, McCubbin shares, “The goal was to write a country song that people wanted to blow up their speakers with.” McCubbin’s impressive lower register shines as he sings, “Downtown at the honky damn tonk / There’s a juke damn box full of country damn songs / Damn right, you can’t go wrong / Raising hell at the honky damn tonk.”

8. “Love Gon’ Missin” by Tae Lewis

North Carolina native Tae Lewis’ latest release is about the fleeting feeling of love in a relationship. He spoke about the song sharing, “One of my exes inspired me to write this one because at one point there was no love from us and I knew our love was missing and I wanted it back but it was too far gone bc she moved on to someone else.” Lewis’ smooth vocals shine in this track paired with a soft, pretty instrumental that has hints of strong electric guitars.

9. “TikTok Famous” by October Rose

Country duo October Rose talks about the desire of wanting social media virality in their latest single, “TikTok Famous.” In the lyrics, they mention familiar TikTok lingo like the “For You” page, starting dance trends, and even name drop Addison Rae. In the first verse they sing, “My parents say I need to get a job / But I can make a million just by eating in my car / I could sing, I could joke, or I could dance / Start a new trend just dressing up my cats / I just wanna be TikTok famous.”

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