As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song. 

1. “Best Revenge” by Madeline Edwards

Singer-songwriter Madeline Edwards has released her very first country song titled, “Best Revenge.” In a statement about the brand new track she shares, “Rooted in jazz and having grown up in Texas, this is the first song I’ve gotten to marry the two seemingly polarizing sounds. With a chorus we can all relate to, this song and I have bonded as my art sonically evolves.” Edwards’ voice is soulful and passionate with a subtle twang. She sings powerful words of self-reclamation in the chorus exclaiming, “Yeah I’m gone / And all you’ve got is this song / ‘Cause the best revenge is moving on.” Edwards is also making her debut at the CMA Awards tonight as she performs alongside Mickey Guyton and Brittney Spencer.

2. “If You Have To” by Ella Langley

After going viral and getting over four million views and over 600 thousand likes on a video teasing “If You Have To,” singer-songwriter Ella Langley has finally released the highly-anticipated breakup song. In the comment section of Langley’s video, people were begging her to release the song, and after one listen it’s easy to see why. Not only are Langley’s vocals beautiful and emotional, but the lyrics are also vulnerable and paint the truest feelings of heartache. She sings, “Go head, rewrite our last words / If that’s what’s gonna heal the hurt / Hate me if you have to / If it helps you sleep at night / Paint me in whatever light, baby, that you want to / Point the finger, pass the blame / Bend the truth and drag my name.” The track already has over 100 thousand streams on Spotify alone.

3. “Hell You Go Through” by Bella Raye

On social media, country singer Bella Raye told fans and followers about her new track “Hell You Go Through” by stating, “I hope you can use it as a reminder to never give up cause you’re gonna get through whatever you’re going through.” Despite the song’s country feel with pulsing, soft acoustic guitars at the beginning, the song’s chorus explodes with edgy vocals and active snare drums. Raye exclaims, “Someday it’ll all be in the rearview / Someday it won’t burn like it used to / All go up in smoke like your heart was never broke, yeah / Someday it’ll just be another memory / Someday it won’t have to be the enemy / Take a deep breath / It’s okay to be a mess / You’re gonna get through the hell you go through.”

4. “Best of Us” by Sam Koon

Independent country artist Sam Koon’s latest single is an emotional, acoustic ballad titled “Best of Us” about the struggle during hard times that everyone in the entire world can relate to. At the beginning of each chorus, Koon says, “We all say things we don’t mean / Show a side that’s hard to see / Feel like no amount of praying can make up for the times we’ve wasted.” The last line in the chorus sums up the message of the lyrics written by Koon with Alex Pennington Smith as he sings, “But life keeps on / Gon’ pick yourself up / ‘Cause it happens to the best of us.”

5. “Get It Girl” by Taylor Moss

Australian country singer Taylor Moss spoke about her latest country-pop single on Instagram saying, “Thank you to all the ladies who encourage me to be a better version of myself at all times. I hope that with this song I can inspire women to love themselves no matter how you’re feeling in the moment.” “Get It Girl” is a confidence-filled anthem with an upbeat, happy sentiment. The guitars as well as Moss’ vocal performances are energizing and infectious. The lyrics are essentially a love song to the women in Moss’ life who never leave her side and inspire her. It’s sweet yet electric.

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