As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song.

1. “Hide & Seek” by Sasha McVeigh

Following the release of her single “God Bless This Mess,” British country singer-songwriter Sasha McVeigh dropped a new track titled, “Hide & Seek.” Teasing the song with dark imagery of intimidating woodland, “Hide & Seek” has a haunting, almost vengeful sound. The instrumental is ominous and McVeigh shows off her lower vocal range as she sings, “No I’m not a saint / But I know better than to make deals with the devil / No, I’m not ashamed / But this out of sight, out of mind ain’t gonna fly anymore / Take it from me, I won’t go quietly / Cause I’m not a secret to keep / Oh, and I’m over playing this game of hide and seek.” The stark piano chords heard throughout the track only add to its ambiance.

2. “TAKE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED” by Caitlin Quisenberry

“TAKE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED” is a breakup track from rising country singer-songwriter Caitlin Quisenberry. The song is beautifully written as Quisenberry lists the special things she wants her ex to leave to her as she sings in the chorus, “Leave that picture the wall / Your dogs and tennis ball / And if you change your mind, you’ll know just where I’ll be / Leave those notes there in the box under the bed and by your socks / Cause you’re already walking out with all of me / So take only what you need when you leave.” Quisenberry’s vocals sound raw and her songwriting is vulnerable. On top of that, the instrumental is flows with a wispy, graceful sound.

3. “Salt Flats” by Gregory Griffin

Gregory Griffin’s brand new release “Salt Flats” is twangy, bluesy, and filled with steel guitar sounds. “Salt Flats” comes as Griffin’s first release in three years; it follows his 2018 record Caledonia that has received over a million streams across platforms. The new track was recorded at Saxman Studios with producer Grady Saxman and the title comes from the famous salt flats in Utah. “Salt Flats” is upbeat and noticeably catchy and details fleeing to a new place; it’s the perfect road trip song.

4. “High on Something” by Taylor Hughes

Independent singer-songwriter Taylor Hughes follows up her single from February 2021, “Prayin’ to the Whiskey” with a slow burn of a track, “High on Something” where she describes the euphoria of a building relationship. She sings, “Like a ten-year bottle of bourbon / Takes time but damn it’s worth it / Slow to build a fire / But that’s what keeps it burning / Cause with you, I ain’t coming down / No crash and burn / Ain’t looking for an easy way it out.” What stands out in “High on Something” is Hughes’ vocal performance. The instrumental is laid back with soft steel guitar which allows Hughes’s big voice to power through with strong fervor.

5. “Built That Home” by Sean Caramore

On social media, singer Sean Caramore wrote about his new single “Built That Home” by sharing, I wrote a song about the two people in my life that started the kind of love that runs through my family’s veins. We fight hard. And we love hard too.” “Built That Home” begins with beautiful string sounds and Caramore’s vocals are soft and smooth throughout the entire track as he sings, “But their love was never a question / When all was said and done / They still laughed, they had fun / 55 years of sticks and stones built that home.”

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