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As every Friday passes, there are numerous songs that come out from independent country artists whose songs are well-written, beautiful, or simply fun. We’ve compiled a list of songs that were released last week by independent acts that deserve much love and attention. Who knows, you might find your next favorite song. 

  1. “Chess” by Honey County

Country duo Honey County is closing out their 2021 with their newest single titled, “Chess.” The track, written by the duo themselves along with Hillary Reynolds and Kalianne Shorr, is pained with sass and brazen confidence. In the chorus, the girls harmonize as they sing, “You picked a fight and you picked the wrong girl / Word travels fast when you’re in a small world / It’s a bold move to take on the best / You’re playing checkers and I’m playing chess.” The track’s vibrant feeling caught the attention of the people behind Paramount Network’s television show Yellowstone and will be featured in a new episode on December 26th.

2. “95”  by Manny Blu

Rising country artist Manny Blu, known for his edgy country style, has released a brand new single titled, “95” on Friday, December 10th. In a press release, Blu shared, “It’s a song about never forgetting the community [one] has back home and the people who have loved and supported you before leaving to chase a dream. It’s a song about family, friends, and relationships that get us through every day.” The track opens with noticeably rocking electric guitars followed by a pumping bass line. Blu sings, “Thought I knew it all, I had a strong will / My head was hard as a stone / I had a brave heart / Just like my momma did / Could shake the world on my own.”

3. “Our Days Are Numbered” by Five Roses

When introducing their new song, “Our Days Are Numbered” on Instagram, country duo Five Roses stated, “This song is an early Christmas gift and we hope it brings the warmth of the beach and summer love to you while we wait out the winter together.” The track has a smooth, pop-country sound that feels reminiscent of a sweet, summertime love affair. The track is optimistic in sound with bittersweet lyrics about the idea of the right person at the wrong time. The voices of the duo complement each other as they sing, “Let’s have one more night that we won’t forget / Two margaritas on a high tide bay / Three more songs that we can slow dance to / four more pictures of me kissing you / Five more hours till we see the sun / Whatcha think baby? Let’s stay up.”

4. “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” by Highway Women

Country trio Highway Women made up of Gabrielle, Alyssa, and Jenane, closeout 2021 with their own rendition of the Christmas classic, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” Their delicate yet powerful voices are accompanied by a sole piano making it feel warm and congenial; it sounds as though they are singing it to you in the comfort of your living room next to the fireplace. As the song progresses, what really shines is the way the three girls seamlessly create beautiful three-way harmonies.

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