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Adam Doleac "Girl In Love" Song Review

Adam Doleac has released a brand new single titled "Girl In Love." The singer also announced his debut album Barstool Whiskey Wonderland will be available on September 30th.

Doleac is a singer-songwriter who has written with names like Darius Rucker and Kane Brown. The Mississippi native has developed his signature voice that is comforting to hear. His love songs always come across as authentic based on his vocals and delivery. His forthcoming debut record will also look to offer a new side to the singer.

"Girl In Love" seems to have taken a page out of the R&B handbook with its smooth and soulful style. It's the kind of track that belongs in a film about two people just starting to fall in love. Doleac finds the sweet spot between genres that so many of his contemporaries love to do as well.

Doleac sings from the perspective of watching a woman as she is falling in love. He details what the signs are for every other man to hear. "She ain’t gonna say it ‘til she knows she means it / Cause those aren’t words she throws around / You better be sure you’re ready to catch her / When she lets you lay her down." There couldn't be a better song to listen to when wanting to be in a good mood.