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Arielle Eden 'Signs and Signals' EP Review

Arielle Eden is a rising star straight from the heart of NYC. She specializes in pop-country music with a touch of unique storytelling and memorable melodies. Eden draws her vocal inspiration from LeAnn Rimes and a younger Taylor Swift. Currently, she is working within both New York and Nashville as she discovers her true sound. Eden has been writing and working with several musicians and songwriters, including Grammy-nominated producer Forest Whitehead.

Signs and Signals begins with the title track: a true standout on the EP. This entry in particular feels like it was made for late-night drives in a small town. Eden croons about missing the signs of love that are right in front of you. It talks about how hard it can be to distinguish what is good and bad in a relationship. Eden does an excellent job of describing the challenge of spotting signals within her song as she exclaims, “You were the one for me / Why couldn’t I just believe? / Why couldn’t I see it? / Signs and signals / Instead of tripping over the rhymes and riddles / Now heartbreak’s breaking on me."

On "Mixed," Eden’s soprano voice blends perfectly with the soft guitars in this meaningful song. The same goes for “One Way," a tune that questions the road ahead. Both of these songs capture personal decisions that can be hard to face. Eden does a beautiful job creating intricate, storytelling songs.