Brad Paisley “City of Music” Song Review

Los Angeles is the city of angels, New York is the city of lights, Paris is the city of love and Nashville, Tennessee is the “City of Music”.  Brad Paisley’s newest song is a love ballad for this beautiful southern city full of country music and young singers pursuing their dreams. 

Nashville is where musicians go to break their way into the music industry regardless of genre, there is something here for everyone and “City of Music” tells the story of different artist’s finding their way in music city. This song is an amazing, feel-good song that will have the crowd singing their hearts out along with Paisley’s smooth voice and the growling guitars.

Brad Paisley City of Music

Paisley has been a household name for two decades now and got his start in Nashville. It feels good to hear him pay his respects to this pretty city for helping launch his career and giving him the opportunities he needed to succeed. We look forward to hearing more new music from Brad Paisley and can’t wait to see what he does next!

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