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Brittany Kennell “House and a Dog” Song Review

Brittany Kennell’s new song “House and a Dog” is country music’s newest anthem for empowerment. This is the perfect song to scream the lyrics to in any situation.

In response to constantly being asked when she was going to settle down and have a family, Kennell wrote this track talking about the importance of having a career and following as many opportunities as possible. Raised by a mom who put her family before her career, Kennell always took it to heart when her mom told her to follow her dreams.

The instrumentation is a big part of the song’s success. The guitar is an almost equal partner to the powerful vocals. The marriage between rock and country genres comes through in the riffs heard throughout “House and a Dog," but especially in the solo.

One of the best parts of “House and a Dog” is the cleverness within the lyrics. Kennell uses several cliches surrounding marriage and children to talk about her life without them. In the first verse, she sings, “Something borrowed, something blue / Yeah I say I do when I sign the papers to a house / That I can call my own”