Brooke Eden “Got No Choice” Song Review

After four years, country singer + songwriter Brooke Eden is reintroducing herself to the world with a poignant anthemic single “Got No Choice” out today. 

Written by Eden, Jesse Frasure, and Cary Barlowe, “Got No Choice” is all about embracing who you are and loving who you love with no shame whatsoever. The song hosts a summertime vibe heavily incorporating pop and soul influences from across the board. She sings proudly, “I got no choice but to love you.”

“I fell in love with someone when I least expected it and had to learn to follow my heart and not listen to what anyone else had to say,” states Eden in a press release, “I wrote this song about not being able to choose who you love, even if it doesn’t ‘fit on paper.’ This is an anthem for anyone who has had to stand up for their love or just wants to shout it from the rooftops!”

Eden is in love and she wants everybody to know. The country songstress began this new chapter by releasing her single “Sunroof” which is about Eden’s five-year relationship with Hilary, a promotions director at her record label, and feeling the pressure to keep it quiet. 

Brooke Eden

Back in January, Eden shared on her Instagram page a series of photos clipped together in a video explaining that if she wanted a career in music, she would have to stay hush about her relationship with Hilary. She spoke, “I guess I’ve never really told our story. I started by posting pictures of us without captions. Then started using vague words to describe who she was to me. Finally, a little over a year ago, I got comfortable to tell y’all who she really is @hilary_hoover – the love of my life. The journey hasn’t been easy, but our love always has. This is just the beginning of us sharing our story. Now, almost all of my songs are about her and you’ll get to hear some very soon.”

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