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Caleb Seth "Slow" Song Review

Country singer-songwriter Caleb Seth has another new single to share with fans. His song "Slow" aims to show a different side than he has previously done before. Blending a traditional and contemporary sound, there's a lot to love about this song.

Seth has earned quite a following on social media. He began doing live streams on TikTok in early 2022, which is how many started to discover him. The singer grew up having a diverse musical taste that is evident in his own music. His most recent releases include "Ride" and "West Tennessee." Both tunes suit his vocals and style perfectly. While his past music pairs well with wanting to have a good time, fans will be pleasantly surprised to hear his latest love song.

"Slow" happens to be written by David J and Dylan Brady, two promising young artists in their own right. It was shared in a press release that, "When Seth first heard the song, he immediately felt a deep connection to it. He was reminded of his roots and the essence of his earlier musical journey, making this release incredibly personal." It's easy to see why he gravitated toward it. Seth sings about taking the time to truly get to know someone with the lyric, "I can tell you built up your walls / but what's it gonna take for them to fall?" It's a heartfelt release that shows an expansion of his artistry.

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