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Callista Clark 'Real To Me: The Way I Am' Album Review

After releasing her debut EP in 2021, Callista Clark became one of country radio's most successful new artists in 2021. Despite being a new, on-the-rise artist, Clark already many accolades already under her belt: she was named the Grand Ole Opry's NextStage Artist in September and she was also the youngest artist ever to be named in CMT’S Next Women of Country Class in 2022. With much anticipation, Clark has just released her debut album, Read To Me The Way I Feel.

First up on the tracklist, is “Change My Mind.” This upbeat and exciting tune is the perfect entryway for the record; it hooks listeners in and reels them closer. The passion Callista Clark emits shines through the opener. Her contagious energy will have you up on your feet, dancing around in no time.

Bringing her Georgia roots to the forefront of her music, Callista Clark proves she is a country singer through and through on her debut LP. One of the standout things about Real To Me The Way I Feel is the number of instruments used and how they are intertwined together. Clarke noticeably uses drums, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, pianos, and so much more to add levity to her original sound. Each song begins with powerful instrumentation, yet no track sounds the same.