Chris Bandi “Probably At A Bar” Song Review

Breakout singer/songwriter and RECORDS Nashville artist Chris Bandi released his brand-new song, “Probably At A Bar” on Friday, November 19th. Whether it’s at one of his live shows or on one of his many social media teasers, Bandi’s fans have been hearing and anxiously awaiting the release of this song. The track is Bandi’s first release of 2021 and follows his touching tribute to his late grandfather, “Would Have Loved Her.” Bandi co-wrote this song with Jason Duke and Jason Massey and co-produced it with Ash Bowers. He even spoke about the song sharing, “If there was one good thing to come out of being off the road for a while it was being able to write a TON. I got to write ‘Probably at a Bar’ with Jason Massey and Jason Duke and I can’t wait for y’all to hear it!”

The track begins with a country-rock guitar intro with an acoustic guitar strumming underneath. He starts the first verse by telling his ex-lover that he isn’t doing what she thinks he is and that she shouldn’t expect to hear back from him either. “If you think that midnight miss you call’s gonna come, it isn’t.” As the song continues, Bandi proceeds to tell his ex-lover where to find him if she’s looking for him and who he’ll be with. “Girl, I’m probably at a bar downtown / Ordering another round of longnecks with my long-lost friends / No, I know you never did like them.”

Heading into verse two and the rest of the track, Bandi continues the theme of moving on and not looking back. It seems like the fun is back in Bandi’s life as his ex-lover leaves. One of the standout parts towards the end of the song is the return of the country-rock guitar from the intro as a riff between the chorus and the bridge. It’s a classic country music move, but it creates a standout moment in this singalong anthem for moving on.

It looks like Chris Bandi will have another hit on his hands with “Probably At A Bar.” His catalog has over 120 million global video and audio streams to date and he has also appeared at the Grand Ole Opry.

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