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Country Music Festival Style Guide: 2022 Edition

As the warmer weather approaches and the normalcy of country music festivals make their way back into society after two years of canceled events, it feels like it’s hard to say what’s in and what’s out right now to wear to these multi-day events. Here’s a top-down approach for everything you need to know about how to dress for a country music festival within the next year. To make the tail-end of winter a little more bearable, start filling your online shopping cart with these statement pieces to count down the days to that highly anticipated festival you’ve been waiting for.

1. You won’t cause any heartache on the dancefloor with denim, duh!

Here’s the obvious choice, that you can’t go wrong with. Maybe not to the extent of the cowboy’s tuxedo, but if that’s you, rock it. From your classic cut-offs, your favorite jean jacket, or those jeans that hug you in all the right places. The rule of thumb is, a light wash jeans leans more to the casual side.

2. Mix up the lightweight layers and more than a t-shirt.

Depending on the weather, most of the time you want to opt more for a lightweight, airy top. The weather doesn’t call for boring though. Pair a playful satin cami, tied up with a cotton button-up. A simple, go-to to give off a country princess vibe is a tighter white tank, mixed with a long stitched holey kimono.

3. Let texture be the star of the show!

Leather, cotton, satin, sequins, spandex, whatever your star of the show is in your eyes, let it do its thing by toning the rest of your outfit with neutral colors.

4. Old Dominion loves snapbacks, so can you

Your hair is going to frizz up and curls are going to be sweated out anyway, so why not rep’ your fav spor