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Crimson Calamity ‘Wild Card’ EP Review

One of Nashville’s rising duo, Crimson Calamity released their newest EP, Wild Card on February 11th. Crimson Calamity was formed by singer-songwriters Lauren Harding and Mallory Trunnell; the two have been performing and collaborating together since 2014. They draw most of their musical inspiration from bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Civil Wars and perfectly combine Folk and Americana to create their unique sound.

When listening to the title track, “Wild Card,” the first thing listeners hear is how beautiful their voices work together. They compliment each other well, never upstaging the other. Harding and Trunnell have such light, soft voices that bring comfort to their audience. The tune of the song is classic Americana. Listening to it makes you want to take a drive with your windows down and sing along, feeling carefree and serene.

Their other song, “ghost” featuring guitarist Zane Carney who has previously worked with John Mayer, is a quiet ballad. It is filled with emotion, gentleness, and a soft melody. The lyrics revolve around the feeling of losing someone you once loved. The vocals are pure and soft, giving an airy, “ghostly” feeling. It’s incredibly touching, as listeners relate to each lyric.

A perfect song to play after this somber tune arrives in “Due West.” The duo’s harmonies are perfectly executed, the lyrics are bright, and it’s simply easy to listen to. The most notable part of the song is how the guitar compliments Trunnell and Harding’s vocals. It’s one you won’t want to skip.<