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Curt Chambers ’85 South’ EP Review

After writing songs for artists like Eminem, Jamie Foxx, Lenny Kravitz, Dr. Dre, and Miguel and receiving a GRAMMY nomination for his work in the R&B genre, Curt Chambers is making a name for himself in the country genre. His latest EP, 85 South, showcases country roots mixed with eruptions of R&B and trap influences.

The five-track project opens with “My Radio.” This song does a great job displaying Chambers’ vocal range. During the verses, he sings using his lower register and transitions into the chorus where his voice goes a few steps higher creating a cool contrast. Throughout the lyrics, he makes references to country legends Conway Twitty and Joe Diffie. The song is booming, powerful, and is the perfect opener to set the pace for the rest of the EP.

On the two middle tracks, “Dirty Heart Dirty Boots” and “Dirty South,” Chambers effortlessly combines country instrumentals with harsh trap sounds. “Dirty South” stands out especially due to the twangy guitars that make the song sound like the soundtrack to driving down a dirt road.

A high point on 85 South arrives with track number four, “Have It Your Way,” written by Chambers, Ryan Sostead, and Sly Pyper. The song is bursting with love and admiration as he sings in each chorus, “If you want me to be the one to fix your shattered heartbreak, we’re on the same page. Have it your way.” The most endearing line enters during the bridge as Chambers exclaims, “If life’s a play baby then this is our stage let me be the one to put you on display.” His softer vocals get a chance to shine as he swoons over his love interest.

Curt Chambers