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Day Drinking: Taste Testing Zac Brown's Z. Alexander Brown Uncaged Wine

The Nash News is kicking off our series called “Day Drinking” where I taste tests different alcohols made by country music stars. The first in this series is Zac Brown’s wine, Z. Alexander Brown Uncaged.

The story behind this wine is filled with dedication and passion. According to the wine’s website, “Zac Brown has always been a man on a journey. Most know him for his music, yet his artistry and creative spirit are without boundaries. No matter where the adventure takes him, Zac has always remained downhome and truthful to his roots. His lifelong connection to the land and passion for bringing music, food, and people together was a natural path to wine.” Brown collaborated with winemaker, John Killebrew. Killebrew helped Brown’s dreams come to fruition through the talents and care the two have towards making something for the people.

Currently, there are five wines to try: sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, and a proprietary red blend. In this series, I tried the proprietary red blend. Here’s what I have to say about it:

The wine has a thicker, fruit taste. The design on the bottle is just as decadent as the taste of the red blend. The slow burn of this sweet wine is a feeling of comfort. You can truly taste and enjoy the love Brown puts into his hand-crafted wine. It pairs perfectly with Brown’s “Chicken Fried” fried chicken recipe on his website. Believe me, I’m already planning my next taste of Z. Alexander Brown Uncaged.