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Drachel “Champagne & Roses” Song Review

North Carolina native, Drachel has been a fan of music her entire life, growing up performing as a dancer, actor, and singer, entertaining was always something she knew she wanted to do. She just released a new track, all about female empowerment in a relationship titled “Champagne & Roses”

The recent Belmont University grad says “If I had to describe it, I’d say my sound is the musical love child of Reba and Shania Twain.” In her latest, Drachel just wants to be wined and dined for a special night out. “Show me you love me, pop a bottle of bubbly, you got me blushing like this red bouquet…” she sings with her undeniable twang. Although a love song, it also showcases a woman who knows what she wants and who isn’t afraid to ask for it.

“There’s such a stereotype, especially in country music, that it’s sexy to be “one of the guys.” I think we all really need to ask ourselves why that is—we should be proud to be women,” she says in a press release. Listen to “Champagne & Roses” above and be on the lookout, Drachel is in the process of recording her first studio album; and plans to release her second single in January of 2021.