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Eli Young Band Talks Brand New Record 'Love Talking'

Eli Young Band will be releasing their brand new album Love Talking on Friday, June 3. This marks the first LP the band has released since 2017. The band has found success in their many years making music together, more recently with the No. 1 song "Love Ain't" which can be found on their upcoming album. Mike Eli, James Young, Jon Jones, and Chris Thompson sat down to talk all about their new project.

The guys discussed how this album came to be and why it might've felt like a surprise. "Everything kinda moved really quickly with the record. We had so much music, we really wanted to move fast. For me personally, some of my favorite songs I've ever written are on this record," says Eli. Jones added, "This music really fits the country music landscape currently. I think this was the best of both worlds of the music we wanna create and something we feel passionate about, and something our fans that have been with us for a couple decades will love."

"Break Up In A Bar" is the latest single that the band dropped prior to the album's release. The song feels like a signature Eli Young Band track with its melody and fresh sound. The band revealed that that song is the only one on the record they did not have a hand in writing. "It's an Ashley Gorley tune. It was so undeniable I think that all four of us knew that we had a connection to it. I really feel like it's going to be a big tune for us," Eli exclaims.