Erin Kinsey “Hate This Hometown” Song Review

Texas native Erin Kinsey is a rising singer-songwriter in country music. She has established herself as a successful Nashville artist, having released singles such as “Better On Me” and “Just Drive,” with the latter passing over 18 million streams/views. Kinsey is now releasing a new track titled, “Hate This Hometown.” Once again, her ever-evident musical talent continues to carve out a bright future for the young artist who recently signed a deal with RECORDS Nashville.

In a  press release for her latest release, “Hate This Hometown,” she said, “It’s one of the most personal songs I’ve ever written.” She continued to say, “Every line is directly from my personal story.” On Twitter, Kinsey posted a video teasing the tune in which she shares that she wrote it about her hometown, which she once couldn’t wait to leave but the place ended up giving her the love of her life.

A plucking of guitar chords accompanied by soft piano notes introduces the story. Erin welcomes listeners into a nostalgic moment as she recalls her high school years: memories of football games, drama, and graduation come to mind. The younger Erin Kinsey was ready to leave her hometown and move on to more incredible things in life – but there’s something sweet about that town that brings her back.

“From the second they turn green, I got out and gone for three years / It’s amazing what a little time and space can do to a place.”

"Hate This Hometown" by Erin Kinsey

Driving down the streets of a small town she grew up in brings back fond memories of her lover. Seeing houses or parking lots would spark a memory – reliving when she and her boyfriend were 16 and first falling in love. Erin once wanted to leave that hometown behind, but now she holds this sweet nostalgia because of that one special person in her life.

“Every memory makes me wanna slow down / You make it hard to hate this hometown.”

With heartfelt lyrics and twangy notes from the guitar, Erin produces a touching anthemic love song. The instrumental fades away as if the memories go off to await to be relived again. “Hate This Hometown” could be the perfect song to add to your Valentine’s Day playlist and it’s available now on every streaming platform.

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