FINMAR “Homegrown” Song Review

Thomas Finchum and Alex Marshall, also known as the duo FINMAR just released, “Homegrown”, available everywhere you buy or stream music now, April 30th.


In today’s world of constant social media pressure, “Homegrown” is a good reminder that you don’t have to be a Hollywood star to be beautiful.

“Homegrown” was released today by FINMAR, a group comprised of Thomas Finchum (“FIN”) and Alex Marshall (“MAR”) and written by the duo along with Cameron Bedell. The song has a casual, almost bluesy feel that makes it very easy to listen to. It also features impressive riffs that sound like butter and completely effortless.


The chorus features the lyrics “you can bet your money you won’t find nothin’ better than a woman who’s Homegrown.” The song goes on to say that a “woman with some roots planted down in some red dirt / country ground,” is better than some artificial beauty you might find in a big city.

This song is more than a love song to one woman, but a love song to all of the “regular” girls who feel like they can’t compete with today’s intense beauty standards. Also, if you don’t have a “song” with your significant other, you might want to consider “Homegrown.”

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