George Birge “Beer Beer, Truck Truck” Song Review

It’s always exciting when new country singers arrive on the scene, especially when the demo for their debut single shows promising success. George Birge’s debut single, “Beer Beer, Truck Truck” was inspired by a viral Tik Tok video from Erynn Chambers. Birge stitched a demo of the song to Chambers’ original video, seen below. The video has over 69.5K likes on Tik Tok. Country music fans spoke and Birge listened: Birge’s successful demo would be fully released as a single.


If y’all blow this up I may have to finish it and release it, should we write the whole thing @rynnstar 🔥 #countrymusic #country #originalsong ♬ original sound – George Birge

“Beer Beer, Truck Truck,” co-written by Erynn Chambers and George Birge, is a song that plays with the typical country music stereotypes. Country music might talk a lot about “beer, trucks, and girls in tight jeans,” but those definitely aren’t the only things. The song’s chorus, “Beer beer, truck truck, girls in them tight jeans,” is always followed by a part of country music and culture that makes country music special and not just about beer and trucks. After one of the later refrains of the chorus, the song talks about how the country will always be ready to welcome people when they come home, even if they move to a city to chase their dreams. This sense of home is one of the core aspects of country music—that even if one moves away from the country, they will always be able to come back and feel like they’re at home.

The song itself is unbelievably catchy. After a few listens, listeners will probably find themselves humming the chorus during their daily commute, while cooking dinner, and while doing other mundane tasks. Birge’s rich voice stands out among the energetic and pop-infused instrumentation, making this song the perfect choice to sing along and dance to.

George Birge’s smartly written single and its success before even being released is indicative of a legendary country star in the making. We can’t wait to see more from Birge. Hopefully an entire debut album is on the horizon.

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