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Georgia Webster ‘First Goodbye’ EP Review

17-year-old Georgia Webster released her First Goodbye EP today, July 16th. Growing up in a small town in Western Massachusetts, Webster was always listening to a variety of music. After discovering artists other than her parent’s favorites, she shifted her focus to those whose songs were honest and easy to relate to, turning to modern country music, like Sam Hunt. The rising artist first made a name for herself when she posted a TikTok of her singing the first track on this new EP, “Tell Your Mom”, receiving millions of views.

Webster was greatly inspired by singer-songwriters who kept it real and produced music that fans could connect their own stories and hardships to, choosing to follow that path as she releases her own music. “First Goodbye” is the third song off the EP, but the first song that fans haven’t heard yet. Listeners will fall in love with her calming, soft voice as she tells the story of true heartbreak, facing the fact that all good things come to an end and even when you really want to, you can’t go back to the past.

“You were my first slow dancing around the kitchen kissing when your momma wasn’t home and I’d do anything to live it again but time ain’t going back and life’s still got its living to do / You were my first love and baby tonight, you’ll be my first goodbye.”

Although Webster is young, she knows all about the games boys love to play. In her song “UGLY” up fourth on the EP, she perfectly places into words that no matter how good-looking you may be on the outside, what’s on the inside can automatically make you an ugly person. In today’s world, everybody goes for the best looking or most popular. If we were all blind and our only vision of someone was who they are as a person and not what they look like, the boy Webster is singing about in this song would not be a first choice.

“But now I know you are a devil in disguise as a teenage boy with ocean blue eyes / And you don’t seem to have a clue just how to tell the truth, you think you’re sly, look me in my eyes tell me another white lie/ That face means nothing now”