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Jana Kramer “The Story” Song Review

Jana Kramer has charted seven singles on the Hot Country and Country Air charts, including songs “Why You Wanna” and “I Got the Boy.” At the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2013, Kramer won the prize for Top New Female Artist. In her latest single, “The Story,” she takes an emotional moment in her life and puts it into musical form, forcing herself to move forward in life. The track surrounds Kramer as she sits down with her children to explain the divorce between their parents.

“Don’t need a book, just snuggle in / I’ll tell you a story I wish I didn’t have to say.”

It’s an unfortunate situation, but Kramer turns it around by speaking eloquently and moving on to build something new. Kramer makes it clear that her children are the highlight of her life’s story, and she will go out of her way to create the best ending for them; her writing is a message many mothers can relate to and confide in.

"The Story" by Jana Kramer

“Now it’s time to pick up all the broken pieces / So that we can be the story we believe in.”