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Jordan Rowe "5:00 In The Country" Song Review

Jordan Rowe has released a new single titled "5:00 In The Country." This release should satisfy all of those country fans who want to take a trip back in time to '90s country music.

Rowe made waves with his debut album Bad Case Of The Good Ole Boy, which came out in August of last year. The Georgia native studied agribusiness at the University of Georgia, but he always knew he was destined to have a career in music. He began writing with some of the most talented in Nashville while working on his own material. The singer brings an element of the classic country that many appreciate.

"5:00 In The Country" is written by Rowe, Hunter Phelps, and Driver Williams. As soon as the listener presses play, they are transported into Rowe's world. Every line is about the Friday feeling that happens when work is done and it's time to have some fun. He exclaims, "It's time to trade in these work boots for my drinking kind / It's time, high time, got a whole two days and a hell-bent half a mind."

This track is completed with a gospel choir to add layered, heavenly background vocals. Rowe's own deep voice helps give the song its traditio