Justin Champagne 'If She Ain't Country' EP Review

Newcomer Justine Champagne released his EP titled If She Ain’t Country on Friday, May 13th. The self-proclaimed hip-hop cowboy has had significant streaming success within the last year, so this effort will be sure to make waves.

The south Louisiana native has impressed the likes of Snoop Dog and Nelly, which aren’t exactly the first names you think of in terms of country music. Champagne has been able to combine elements of his favorite genres into a cohesive sound that many can get behind. He previously released his debut project Small Town Sentiments which included tracks like“Beers” and “When I Look At You."

The EP starts off with the emotional “Bottom Of A Bottle.” Champagne sings about the lows of heartache while searching for answers at the bottom of a drink. “I can’t believe I let go of the one thing I didn’t know I needed." It’s a slower-paced song that hits right to what he is feeling. The record picks up steam with “Drank" which has a rocking tempo that is perfectly suited for a live crowd.

“I’m The One” encompasses the hip-hop feel he loves to produce. It’s a perfect track for the coming summer months, whether driving down a backroad or at a party. The remix version is also included in the project. It features El Taiger and it takes the sound to a whole other level.

The title track, “If She Ain’t Country,” combines country, rock, and hip-hop. The song is indicative of the kind of girl he wants. “I don’t want her if she ain’t country,” he exclaims. This track, more than the other songs on the EP, showcases his uniqueness as an artist. His sound touches on the popular influences in the country scene today, all while carving out his own pathway.

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