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Justin Moore ‘Straight Outta the Country’ Album Review

Justin Moore has released his next studio project, Straight Outta the Country available everywhere now, April 23rd, where you buy and stream music.

For established country artist Justin Moore, quarantine was spent as downtime with his family. During a recent press event, Moore admits, “I just haven’t been super creative. It’s a blessing that we had this music ready to go because of that.” His newest album Straight Outta the Country, features eight tracks that will be new to fans but not to Moore because none of them were written during the quarantine period that has plagued the country over the past year. According to Moore, his newest project is an extension to his previous album Late Nights and Longnecks which came out in 2019. Despite the similar sounds to his last fifth studio album, people are hungry for new music during these times and Moore is determined to dish it out.

The opening track, “Hearing Things,” is an upbeat country tune where you can hear Moore’s thick southern accent as he sings the lyrics excitedly. The electric guitars in this song are a bit distracting but it’s a good thing; it adds velocity to the track setting it up to be a great song for the heat of the summer. Throughout the song, Moore recounts the lonesome whistle of a midnight train, truck tires on gravel roads, and a radio consumed with static. At the end of each chorus he sings out, “I’m hearing things and they’re calling me home.” The word “home” is the perfect word to encapsulate this album as a whole. There are many shout-outs to small town life that Moore is all too familiar with.