Kassi Ashton "I Don't Go Back" Song Review

Singer-songwriter Kassi Ashton released her new song titled “I Don’t Go Back” on Friday, June 3rd. Along with the new song, Ashton brings two live performance videos to light from a recent trip to VEVO Studio in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The California, Missouri native has already been touted in publications like People Magazine, Paper Magazine, and The Huffington Post. She has released songs such as “California, Missouri,” “Hopeless,” Heavyweight,” and “Violins.” Her current radio single “Dates In A Pickup Truck” has also introduced her to a wider audience. Ashton feels like an Amy Winehouse version of a country singer, in every positive way. Her vibrato-filled, deep voice brings something fresh to the current country music landscape.

Written by Ashton, Luke Laird, and Hillary Lindsey, “I Don’t Go Back” is introspective and raw. The song highlights her soulful vocals in a way that will impress anyone who listens. Ashton’s voice feels both haunting and comforting as she sings what is in her heart.

The track is about moving forward and not looking back, but as Ashton points out, there can be an exception to that rule. She is able to speak the truth about how a person can be so strong yet fall backward for someone. She sings, “I’m a moving on, straight ahead / Eyes on the road always does me best / I’m out with the old, in with the new / Yeah, I don’t go back but if I did / It’d be to you, you, you.” Ashton continues to be fearless and honest, all while bringing her unique sense of style.

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