Lauren Davidson “I Don’t Need Your Reason” Song Review

Country Music Association Artist and Grammy Recording Academy Member Lauren Davidson is free-spirited, unique, and unmissable. She has morphed her New York City vibes and rich tones of contemporary country music into a genre all her own, which is a big reason as to why fans love her music. The rising artist has made numerous radio appearances and has played numerous shows with country stars including Old Dominion, Carly Pearce, Russel Dickerson, Michael Ray, Maddie & Tae, and most recently with one of the best in the genre, Willie Nelson. Davidson released a new single on Friday, October 22nd titled “I Don’t Need Your Reason,” and couldn’t be more ecstatic for it to be out.

 “I Don’t Need Your Reason” is the sixth single released off of Davidson’s upcoming EP, Hindsight In 2020. The project, set to release November 19th, is a collection of songs that documents the singer’s experience during the 2020 pandemic and highlights what she was personally feeling through that time. “I Don’t Need Your Reason” fits in perfectly with the previous released tracks, “Live In The Light,” “Backfire,” “Thinking About You,” “Silver Linings,” and “A Little Love.”

 The relatable, personal new song was written by the rising artist herself along with Tommy Cole, another talented singer-songwriter. In a press release Davidson gave a little insight into what sparked the creation of the song. “I’ll never forget the day I wrote this song with Tommy Cole. It was the first time we had seen each other face to face since the pandemic had hit and we were playing catch up. I had recently gone through a breakup and he was asking me a bunch of questions as I cut him off and said – I don’t need a reason. He stopped in his tracks and said we’re going to write that right now.” And that’s exactly what they did. 

Lauren Davidson

As much as music is healing to listeners, it’s just as healing, if not more, for the writers. Davidson expresses that she is someone who likes closure no matter what the situation is and it’s hard to accept that it’s rare we actually ever get that. Writing this song helped her to process that, and there’s no doubt it’ll have the same effect on fans.

 “Gone / I’m moving on / Finally learned my lesson / Don’t need answers / Got no questions / Just a few, thank you’s / Don’t say sorry for your leaving / I don’t need your reason.”

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