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Linda Martell’s Granddaughter to Make Documentary About History-Making Country Artist

More than 50 years ago, Linda Martell made history as the first Black female artist to play The Grand Ole Opry: The most famed stage in country music. Martell released an album titled Color Me Country in 1970 and three of her singles landed on the Billboard country charts. Her name isn’t typically seen amongst the artists known for shaping the country music industry, but Martell’s family is determined to get her story out.

Popular country artists like Maren Morris and Rissi Palmer have taken to social media to raise awareness about the documentary Martell’s granddaughter has in the works. Her granddaughter shared a message on the gofundme page about the efforts for the documentary and the story it will tell to audiences. She stated, “A documentary that gives a closer look into who she was/is outside of Country music, a more honest take on why she was overlooked during her short lived career and the likely reasons for the sudden influx of attention she’s received in the past 3-4 years. This documentary has been in the making for nearly two years and I’ve realized that if we are going to ensure her story is heard in her words, we’re going to need more resources.”

She goes to say that the funds made will go towards traveling costs, filming equipment, paying attorney fees, and to make sure the work produced is of the highest quality it can be. The main goal is to not only get Linda Martell’s story out, but to give credit to Black acts who are constantly silenced and overlooked.

The gofundme for the documentary can be found here and details about the production and air dates can be found on Martell’s website .

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