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MacKenzie Porter “Unlonely Me” Song Review

Country singer-songwriter MacKenzie Porter has been on the come-up for the past year. She released her second studio album Drinkin’ Songs: The Collection in 2020 and then to kickstart her 2021, she was featured in “Thinking ‘Bout You,” a collaboration with Dustin Lynch that was released in March. The song has over 20 million on Spotify alone. Her first solo single of the year, “Unlonely Me,” is an optimistic, glassy country-pop song about the first wave of confusing emotions during a newly found relationship. 

Polished acoustic guitar strums open the song while Porter’s energetic vocals make a swift entrance. Right away, Porter sets the scene of a lonely night at her place searching for companionship. There’s almost an anxious feeling her voice exudes, knowing she’s the person making the first move. 

A highlight of the track is the pulsating pre-chorus that features Porter singing in pinching staccato notes that build to the chorus. Porter’s versatile vocals act as a confessional to the new guy she’s interested in as she sings, “And I know we’re only friends but I’mma go ahead and say it / Unlonely me, un-mess my mess, unlock that door, un-wreck my head / Unbreak my heart, unmake my bed, just stay, don’t leave / Unlonely me.” The wordplay in the chorus of undoing things adds a quirkiness to the relatable narrative. 

"Unlonely Me" by MacKenzie Porter