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Maddie and Tae “Woman You Got” Single Review

Available everywhere now, Maddie and Tae just released “Woman You Got”. Listen to the new song now.

Maddie and Tae Woman You Got

“Baby, you put a ring on a wild thing…”

The “Girl[s] in a Country Song” are officially all grown up. Maddie and Tae have been consistently releasing music that not only resonates with fans but stays authentic to their story, and their journey navigating the music industry and the world as strong, independent women. Both Taylor Dye and Maddie Marlow have added a wedding band to their left hand in the past few years, which has only given them more stories and more life to write about.

Their latest release, “Woman You Got”, available everywhere now [March 26th] is the first music since their beautiful project, The Way It Feels. The ladies hopped on YouTube Live Stream earlier this week to announce the song and their bubbly personalities and excitement about the new music was palpable. Not only did they quickly knock down the pregnancy rumors but let the fans that were tuning in know that their 3rd full-length album is definitely in the works!

The track, written by both Maddie and Tae along with Laura Veltz and Mark Holman was written over Zoom during the pandemic and they say is autobiographical so it was a natural song to write. Highlighting the good, the bad, and the sometimes sassy, “Woman You Got” is an ode to unapologetically being yourself and appreciating the ones that chose to love you, for you.

“I talk smack, I make messes, I win bread, I’m kinda selfish / Don’t trust me in the kitchen, don’t dare me, I ain’t chicken” they sing in the pre-chorus, poking fun at all of the amazing qualities that make them who they are. When the chorus hits and their incredible signature harmonies are on full display you can’t help but smile and turn the song up.