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Mae Estes "Die in a Bar" Song Review

Prepping for her debut record coming in 2023, rising country singer Mae Estes has released another hitting pre-release single that follows "I Quit Smokin,'" "Your Hands," and the TikTok viral track, "Thinkin Bout Cheatin."

The new release, "Die in a Bar," has been teased by Estes, as she shared a post on TikTok that went viral with over one million views back in March. The slightly morbid twangy anthem was well worth the wait as it comes during the spooky season upon us.

“Die in a Bar” is a country song through and through. It's no secret that country artists enjoy singing about love, the honkytonk, and alcohol; “Die in a Bar” gracefully combines all elements into an immediate earworm. With an electric guitar solo in the middle of the song accompanied by the beats of the drums and Estes' powerful vocals, this is mastered excellently.

The lines are filled with booze-soaked, late-night imagery as she sings, “If I don't make it through the night / I’ll fly away on a whiskey river / Washed in the glow of a neon light / When it all goes dark / I want a beer in hand when it's time to go / See a sawdust floor ‘fore my eyes close / When