Matthew West "Before You Ask Her" Song Review

K-LOVE Male Artist of the Year and five-time GRAMMY-award nominee Matthew West, has released a new track, “Before He Asks.” His roots in inspirational music focuses on faith and spirituality show that same influence in this new track.

The lyrics are direct and tells the listener to treat a girl right as he states, “Before you ask her / You need to know what her heart’s worth / And if she chooses you / Then that makes you the luckiest on Earth.” The song is romantic and inspirational in how it discusses women: with adoration, respect, and love.

West articulates his faith in subtle ways throughout the narrative, mentioning the prevalence of spirituality in his life. He also discusses how important it is to involve faith in a relationship, “will you stay for better or for worse / will you put her and Jesus first / and always be her happy ever after.” He isn’t just looking at the short term relationship, he is singing about love and its role beyond just asking a girl on a date.

This song goes from asking a girl on the first date to the proposal. Its all-encompassing nature speaks volumes about the importance a romantic relationship holds for West. The emphasis on treating a woman right is honorable and makes any female listener feel like she deserves the world, and reminds men to treat those women like they are the center of her life. It's a romantic tune and leaves audiences wanting the best from their relationships. It's a hefty goal for a song, but it is well-achieved.

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