Michael Ray “Just The Way I Am” Song Review

Eustis, Florida native, Michael Ray released a new single, July 30th, 2021, titled, “Just The Way I Am”. Ray’s path to music is worth noting. While reflecting on his career, Ray says, “I’ll never forget that time in my life when I was fresh out of high school, working a trade I expected to do all my life — splicing cable — and Amos, my grandfather, recognized how much I loved writing and singing Country music,” says Ray in a press release, “You can either look back and say ‘Damn, I wish I would have,’ or ‘Damn, I’m glad I did,’ and the latter is a whole lot easier to live with.’ With that, my band and I made the move to Music City.”  

From there, Warner Music Nashville signed Ray, helping him bridge the gap between old school country and modern country. Ray’s “Just The Way I Am” was written by Ben West, Josh Miller, Michael Hardy and was produced by Ross Copperman. This track helps Ray stand out in a way that is all his own. The intro grabs the listener with some guitar, acoustic, and electric, with a pleasant riff and some background “Mmms” setting the mood.

Michael Ray comes in with smooth vocals, as warm as a wood-burning fireplace. He makes you hang on every witty line while he sings “I might cuss a little more than I probably should. I’m a poor man’s Hemingway, back in the woods”. Not to mention the production, which is a fresh mix of crisp, perfect balance, and twangy, vintage country. Everything about this track from instrument placement to lyrics, to vocals, is as easy on the ears as he is on the eyes. Ray will leave you craving more fresh sound while relating to his track “Just The Way I Am”. 

Ray also took this weekend to announce that his next project, Higher Education Ep will be released on August 27th.

Higher Education tracklist: 1.     Whiskey And Rain (Josh Thompson, Jesse Frasure) 2.     Just The Way I Am (Michael Hardy, Ben West, Josh Miller) 3.     Holy Water (Ashley Gorley, Hunter Phelps, Ben Johnson, Michael Hardy) 4.     Picture (Michael Ray, David Garcia, Michael Hardy) 5.     Higher Education feat. Kid Rock, Lee Brice, Billy Gibbons and Tim Montana (Tim Montana, Derek George, Jeremy Bussey, Monty Criswell, Frank Rogers) 6.     Live Without You (Michael Hardy, Jessi Alexander, Corey Crowder) 7.     Didn’t Know I Was Country (Michael Ray, Taylor Phillips, Ashley Gorley)

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