Payton Smith “Run Girl” Song Review

Rising singer-songwriter Payton Smith was born in Beaumont, Texas, and raised in Houma, Louisiana. Smith had dreams of becoming a country music artist since he was just 5 years old and taught himself to play guitar and write music at 10 years old. Smith was still in high school when his talent was noticed by a producer while on vacation in Nashville. 

Since moving to Music City with his family, Smith climbed the country music ladder with his outstanding talent and released his first self-titled EP in 2019 that charted Apple Music’s top 20 in just the first day. At just 21 years old, Smith has shared the stage with high-profile acts like Lady A and Brad Paisley and has already made his Grand Ole Opry debut. The pandemic slowed him down a little, but now he’s released a new song on July 16th called “Run Girl.”

“Run Girl” demonstrates maturity and wisdom that is beyond Smith’s 21 years. His talent for songwriting is impeccable as is his understanding of romantic relationships. Rather than the typical love song one might expect from someone so young, Smith has crafted a song that demonstrates an evolution to both country music and to the modern man. Instead of holding on and holding back his partner, “Run Girl” encourages and celebrates a woman’s independence and freedom to grow. “Run Girl” is an ode to healthy relationships and unconditional, untethered love.

Payton Smith

“I can’t hold you back and I can’t fence you in even though I know you are the one girl. If this is goodbye, then we fought that good fight and neither one of us won girl. And what’s best for you is best for me so if you’re gonna leave, go ahead and run girl.”

Smith’s vocal range is as impressive as his wisdom with a unique depth to his voice that strikes the perfect balance between laid back and passionate to complement the same dichotomy in his lyrics. Musically, the rock edge to the romantic melody achieves the same effect.

“If it’s meant to be girl we got to let it go. What happens after this baby who knows.”

Smith isn’t promising that their love story won’t end with her leaving but wisely acknowledges that letting her grow and letting her go is their best chance. 

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